Georgette shows off one of her homegrown zucchinis that she grew in a rooftop garden at her residence at Burien Town Square.

Georgette Valle, longtime State Legislator from Burien, is enjoying her new home at BTB Advertiser Burien Town Square.
“Burien Town Square is very, very nice,” she told The B-Town Blog. “I have met several wonderful people on my floor and through gardening. Everyone is very friendly and happy to be here.
“Everyone has a garden patch, about 3′ x 8′. I just recently enjoyed my first two homegrown zucchinis.”
Georgette married Dr. Odd Valle in 1951. They were married for a full six decades. Dr. Valle, a long time Highline area dentist, passed away this past April.
“Odd had a good life. He took up woodcarving in his later years and he would have enjoyed looking out from here and seeing the planes landing and taking off at Sea-Tac.”
“I used to give out toothbrushes to visitors and fellow legislators in Olympia,” she recently recalled. “The Speaker of the House one day said to me: ‘Georgette, I think of you twice a day.'”
“So I responded: ‘You should think of me three times a day because that’s how many times you should brush every day!'”
Georgette, who served 24 years in the House, says her most difficult achievement in the Legislature was passing an anti-tobacco bill called the Washington Indoor Clean Air Act.
“It took me twelve years to do it. That’s why I believe term limits do not work. You can’t get anything done,” said Georgette, who was first elected in the Lyndon Johnson landslide year of 1964, the same year Dan Evans was first elected governor.
Georgette holds her book, “Always A Rebel And Never Without A Cause,” in front of one of her late husband’s carvings. Her new book, “Courageous Women,” will be published this fall.

“I agreed with Evans on many issues except with respect to labor. He was a moderate Republican who got along with both Republicans and Democrats.”
A few years ago she published her autobiography, titled “Always A Rebel And Never Without A Cause.” Her newest book, “Courageous Women,” will be published this fall.
Georgette, who also served four years on the Burien City Council after leaving the Legislature, has good words for the folks running things today.
“Burien puts three percent of its money aside,” she said. “They are careful. It’s a good way to manage your city. Burien looks very good right now. I always see people working and cleaning up the streets.”
Just outside Burien Town Square “we have the Farmers Market with music and people dancing in the street. It’s very, very nice.”]]>

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