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If you saw a lot of police activity in the Gregory Heights neighborhood of Burien on Sunday, May 2, 2021, here’s what we know:

    • 19th Ave SW near SW 160th Street, just north of Gregory Heights Elementary School (map below), was blocked off for several hours.
    • It was related to a King County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes unit followup investigation.
    • Multiple agencies responded, and police, SWAT/TAC30 and Fire Department vehicles were visible.
    • Eyewitnesses at the scene described that this incident started late Saturday night (May 1) with KCSO responding and waiting for a warrant to enter a house.
    • A SWAT/TAC30 unit was on scene to “help with security,” according to Sgt. Tim Meyer of KCSO.
    • No shots were fired, although flash bangs may have been used.
    • This is still an open and active case and no further information was released.

Below are photos taken at the scene, courtesy Joe Moldovan (click image to view gallery):

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