The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that the reason for major police activity near S. 128th Street & 8th Ave S. in the Boulevard Park area (map below) on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017:

“We arrested a man that was wanted in connection with a burglary in Skyway last week in which an officer was shot at while chasing one of the suspects,” Sgt. Cindi West told The B-Town Blog.

“We are getting ready to do a search warrant on a house now near that location.”

So, if you’re in that area, you may want to avoid that neighborhood.

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10 replies on “Here’s why there was major police activity near S. 128th & 8th Ave S. Tuesday”

    1. Yes, lots of activity at 128th & Des Moines Memorial right now. DMM is blocked by 2 sherif SUV’s and what looks like a mobile precinct at the intersection in front of the bikini barrista.

  1. That is the same church where an RV has set up camp in their parking lot, right next to that house.

  2. There is alot more than this blog is aware of involved with these houses. Once they get the other guy no one will care police wise and people will be left with really high dope addicts robbing your houses cars and stock piling in houses near you. Remember these houses, Everytime you drive by. The cars and people too. These people are not playing no games and they know how to play everyone, get to jail their homie takes over. You need to report activity, or maybe the hack mayor of Burien can put some feet forward. Burien annexed this neighborhood, now enforce it. Your just gonna leave it up to the sherrifs. Pretty sure someone is getting there taxes taken for no reason at this point. At least give them back to white center if your to scared to enforce the north side of 128th. Obviously fed up tax payer

  3. You know, I hear you! My best suggestion for how to evict the squatters is to turn off all the utilities and water. The Utilities may need a police escort. This is how we were at least able to slow the same kind of creeps from using my parents home. Of course, they trashed it and ruined the property value, to say nothing of making it virtually impossible to insure for any normal fee. There is no sane way to take these ‘adult children of good white families’ to court, as even if the court rules in your favor, they do nothing to insure that the creeps pay what the court says they owe you. And they do not do any jail time if they were held pending trial. But still turning off the utilities would be the first step to moving them out.

    1. I don’t think owner can just shut office utilities since city council and land lord tenant laws favor squatters. Also seattle city light will refuse to cut utlities.I work for the light company as a meter reader.If you don’t believe call seattle city light at 2066843000 and find out for yourself . Internet is filled with allot of rumors and opinions these are the fact.I see it every day from nice areas of million dollar home to dumps .Only hope is lawenforment

  4. I’d just like to know since when did Boulevard Park get “annexed” to Burien? I thought that was voted down. Or is that like everything else? It gets voted down and then it happens anyway.

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