A man wanted for domestic violence led Burien Police on a high-speed chase Sunday night (Dec. 14) before crashing and rolling his car at the big curve at the south end of Ambaum Blvd. SW near SW 156th. It all started after a 911 call around 8 p.m. from a woman complaining about her ex-husband harassing her at her apartment near SW 132nd and Ambaum. The suspect apparently had broken the woman’s car windows, then went upstairs and broke windows in her apartment. The suspect then took off. Police responded to the 911 call and took a report. The woman didn’t suffer any injures, and police left. Then around 10 p.m., the woman called again when the suspect returned to her apartment. Police say that this time he started physically assaulting her. Police responded again, and a car matching the suspect was seen leaving the parking lot. A deputy tried to follow but the car got away. The officer went back to speak with the woman and her daughter, and the car returned. Another officer showed up at this time and yelled at the suspect to stop. He didn’t, then backed up, went around other officer in the parking lot, drove out onto Ambaum, and officers chased him south on Ambaum with lights & sirens at dangerous high speeds. Police told The B-Town Blog that the suspect ran red lights at SW 144th, SW 146th and SW 148th Streets before they called off the pursuit as it was too dangerous. Police continued south on Ambaum at regular speeds, then when they arrived at the big curve, they discovered that the suspect had lost control of his vehicle. Police found debris in the road, and that the car had rolled over off the side of Ambaum. Police discovered that the suspect had been thrown into the passenger seat of the crashed vehicle. He resisted arrest, and tried to get back into the crashed car’s driver seat to try to drive off. By this time the crashed car had been blocked in by cruisers. Police finally got the suspect out, and he was taken into custody and admitted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Ambaum was closed for a couple hours for investigation. The suspect survived the crash, and was booked on multiple felony charges for eluding police. He also had warrant in Kent for traffic violations.]]>

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11 replies on “High-speed chase, rollover crash closes Ambaum Blvd. SW Sunday night”

  1. It does not surprise me with all the apartments along Ambaum that are home to an assortment of people, including those like the type that attacked a spouse that something like this does not happen more. How to control? Burien needs much stricker landlord-tenant laws and requirements that other cities enforce. Let’s make Burien a great place to live instead of the “oh you live in Burien” comments heard almost daily.

    1. Paul,
      I have been in this town most of my life and last weekend my youngest and I decided to just go down and walk around Burien and from what we saw,
      (and I really hate to say this but)
      It`s dying.

    2. Burien has the same landlord-tenant laws as the rest of the state, and our State Landlord-Tenant Law is excellent. The property managers and owners simply fail to thoroughly screen and do background checks. Most just take the money and let anyone in, even the “professional” property management run complexes. Private owner-managed, in my experience, totally ignore (or are ignorant of) our state law. When they do that, you can take them to small claims court (easy to do!) to recover what they owe you (deposits due refund, etc.), plus the court fees and cost to deliver summons.
      As a former residential property manager for units up to over 400 and down to 42, if my instincts said this applicant isn’t going to be a good neighbor, there’s something not quite right here (and you can’t say no without cause or risk “discrimination” charges), my response would be: “it will take a couple of days to check your application information, so do call back in 2-3 days, okay?” In every case of “gut reaction” they didn’t call back and my research told me I was right.
      Landlords should go beyond credit checks and do more background research before taking deposits to rent; they should require a police background check as well. Especially where children live.

      1. Wow, there’s some real bright feedback. I think there are as many people that are buying homes in Burien that get into trou ble too. I resent your bias remarks, I have been a home buyer and a renter. No wonder there are so many empty buildings and garbage laying around, it apparently goes hand in hand with the I.Q of the people living here. I have lived here all of my life, (and I’m not young!) the buildings keep going up when they can’t fill the ones empty. I have never seen a city that has so much garbage all over. It says alot about a place. For a DV this cop was in Hot pursuit? If the guy left, why chase, endangering others? This must be what jet fuel causes long term, ignorance!

  2. burien would be a better place to live if people were not ignorant enough to blame this situation on a woman and child renting an apt trying to get on with their lives after leaving an abuser. The man is a criminal and she and her daughter are lucky the cops came and got the criminal away from them. Lucky he ended up arrested. Hopefully he will not get out of jail as he is clearly violent and this woman and her daughter are in great danger from this type of man. Good on the cops too for responding and taking the action they took. This is actually a good outcome that it didn’t end up as a homicide or murder suicide as is often the case with dv. Especially after the woman has left her abuser. I hope she and her daughter have emotional support and that the DA is iron fisted.

    1. Not only that but glad he didn’t hit any cars when he ran red lights…. I was in a bad car accident on 146th and Ambaum bec the driver ran the red light. Glad police, others and the victim are ok.

  3. Ugh …. Glad the suspect was caught and arrested. I’m just glad he didn’t hit any other cars when he ran red lights……some people are just stupid.

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