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Photos & Videos courtesy William Rowley


Photo by Shirley Holden Chartraw Silvernale

The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a stolen car crashed during a high speed pursuit, and took out some power poles near Ambaum Blvd. SW and SW 156th (map below) Thursday morning (May 26). Far as we know, there were no injuries, but police closed the area for a while to conduct a search for two suspects. Power was also out in the neighborhood for a while due to the suspects knocking down utility poles as they lost control in the 600 block of Ambaum Blvd. SW. Deputies initiated a K9 track, which resulted in the arrest of two people, according to Sgt. Jason Houck of the King County Sheriff’s Office. ]]>

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10 replies on “PHOTOS/VIDEO: Crash of stolen car knocks out power, closes Ambaum Thurs.”

  1. I did see Medic One heading in the direction of Harborview around the same time. It was being followed by Burien PD and both units had their lights and sirens on.

  2. That corner has claimed quite a few drivers over the years who deserve the abrupt stop to the benefit of the rest of us. Living there might be a constant nail biter although.

    1. I live in eye’s view of this curve and I can attest that there are at least 2-3 car accidents on this curve each month due to careless driving.

  3. Crime starts early in B town. Funny…. Drive safely in that curve and no problems whatsoever…

  4. When is the city of Burien going to wake up? and make some safety improvements. Is it going to take an innocent person getting killed? A wimpy chain link fence is not going to stop a 3000# car from going over. They need to install concrete jersey barriers around that corner.Ive lived by that corner 19 years there has been so many accidents Ive lost count

    1. I live down below in the condo building where this happened. I am terrified to go out now, but of course I have too. I would like to try to get something done about having a barrier put up top, this could of went very wrong and the car veered right into our front units where families live, maybe if that happens and lives are lost then Burien will put up barriers.

    2. Bleh. If we have to throw barriers at the problem, I hope they place them so that they protect the bike lane too, not just the sidewalk.
      I don’t like barriers, though. There’s barriers on Ambaum up around 120th, and they just make it worse; it looks like a freeway so drivers treat it like a freeway. The sidewalk is narrower because of them and it’s hard for two people to pass. And barriers wouldn’t have helped for this incident anyway – the car still would have ended up down the driveway.
      A cheaper and more reliable way to make this corner safe would be to install some speed cameras before the curve. It’s the only reliable way to get people to actually slow down. Enough messing around with “slow down” signs that everyone ignores.

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