Photo by Michael Brunk / The Highline Schools Foundation 2015 Scholarship recipients with proud family members and HSF Trustees. Click image to see larger version. Photo by Michael Brunk /[/caption] The Highline Schools Foundation this week announced that they are awarding $94,000 in scholarships to graduating students in Highline Public Schools this year. This is the highest amount ever offered in scholarship dollars by the Foundation. The nine students receiving scholarships in 2015 were honored at Thursday night’s Highline Public Schools Board meeting. Each received special recognition and certificate of merit from Highline Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Susan Enfield and Board President Bernie Dorsey. Following the board meeting, students, their families, scholarship funders and Highline Schools Foundation Trustees celebrated at the first annual Scholarship Recognition Banquet at the Puget Sound Skills Center. Students in Puget Sound Skills Center’s culinary arts program provided a wonderful dessert buffet. These scholarships are made possible by the support of Highline Schools Foundation’s generous individual donors and corporate partners. A list of the specific scholarships, and the students who were awarded in 2015, is below: BILL MAYNARD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Begun in 2008, the Bill Maynard Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of the late Bill Maynard, a beloved figure in the Highline School District. Bill was the coordinator of the Steps to Success program, and he cared deeply for the students that he worked with. 2015 Bill Maynard Memorial Scholarship Recipient:

Hai Quang Le Hai Le is graduating from Highline High School this month, he will attend Highline College next year and is interested in working in the medical field or nursing. Hai Le arrived in America in April 2011 with his father and grandfather not knowing anything about the people or the language and the food was strange to them. After Hai Le enrolled in school, their life got better as his English improved. Carinna Tarvin, Hai Le’s AVID teacher said about Hai Le: “I was continually impressed by his persistence, openness to trying new things and the clarity with which he communicated his thoughts despite his language barriers. He is great at making connections with people, no matter what language is being spoken.”
LIGHT & LOVE SCHOLARSHIP In its second year, the Light & Love Scholarship was created in 2014 by the Pappas family in honor of Nancy Pappas’s son, Dominick Pappas. This scholarship recognizes students whose personality and genuine kindness have been consistently demonstrated over the years. Nancy Pappas Barnhart is a long-time employee of Highline Public Schools who lost her son Dominick, at the age of five. Dominick would have graduated from Highline Public Schools last year. 2015 Light & Love Scholarship Recipient:
Navath Nhan Navath will graduate from Raisbeck Aviation High School this month and plans to study Mechanical Engineering at Gonzaga University beginning this fall. Navath and his brother are first generation college students. A self-processed introvert by nature, Navath’s life took a complete 180 degree turn in his sophomore year when he became involved with the Associate Student Body. The experience of being in ASB influenced him to shift his focus from just “graduate with a good grade, then attend college” to living a well-rounded life where he cares about my community. Scott McComb, Science Instructor at Raisbeck Aviation said about Navath: “Navath inspires those around him with his quiet enthusiasm, his positive demeanor, and his active role in making the environment around him a better place.”
ALASKA AIRLINES SCHOLARSHIP Also for the second year, the Alaska Airlines Scholarship is funded thanks to the generosity of Alaska Airlines, an important partner with Highline Schools Foundation. Started in 2014, The Alaska Airlines Scholarship is awarded annually to one graduating student attending Highline Public Schools. The scholarship is based on financial need, academic merit, achievement, and the student’s future goals. 2015 Alaska Airlines Scholarship Recipient:
Cecilia Vu Cecilia is a senior at Technology Engineering and Communications High School (TEC) and will be attending University of Washington next year where she plans on studying aeronautical engineering. Cecilia has balanced academics with various athletic and other extracurricular pursuits with success. She was president of her high school’s National Honor Society, made the Washington State tennis tournament three times, and recently became the first girl to ever place at the Washington State Wrestling tournament, earning a top 5 finish in her weight class. Eric Burns, a Learning Specialist with the Upward Bound Program at South Seattle College said about Cecilia: “The most startling trait that Cecilia has is her tenacity. She has a remarkable drive and passion for everything she does. She makes choices based on her intrinsic desire to succeed and better herself, not because of external factors. These choices that she has made have always been challenging, fulfilling, and ultimately successful for her.”
STIA SCHOLARSHIP Started in 2002, The Seattle Tacoma International Airport (STIA) Scholarship is the Foundation’s longest running scholarship. This needs-based scholarship is funded through the annual the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Scholarship charity golf tournament (sponsored by volunteer employees of the Port of Seattle and HMS Host). Three scholarships are awarded annually to three graduating seniors who attend a Highline Public School and will be pursuing a college education.
STIA Scholarship recipient Angelica Alfaro with HSF Trustee David Baisch. Photo by Michael Brunk /
STIA Scholarship recipient Angelica Alfaro with HSF Trustee David Baisch. Click image to see larger version. Photo by Michael Brunk /
2015 STIA Scholarship Recipients:
Angelica Alfaro Angelica attends Big Picture High School and plans to study nursing at Highline College beginning this fall. Angelica was born more than a month premature and suffers from seizures and learning disabilities – but learning disability never stopped her from achieving her goals! She wants to become a nurse because she had a lot of amazing nurses in her life and they inspired her to pay their kindness forward. She says “I decided to become a nurse when I was 12. I want to take my hardships and help others. Despite my childhood health challenges and my learning disabilities, I know I will succeed in life with a smile. I am ready to start my journey.” David Levine, Senior Advisor at Highline Big Picture High School said about Angie: “She has continued to be an advocate for those with learning disabilities through her outstanding Senior Thesis Project. She is interviewing fellow students about their disabilities, photographing their portraits, and making a book to commemorate their strength and achievements to inspire tolerance, understanding and school community.” Fatima Al-Shimari Fatima is a senior at Health Sciences and Human Services High School. This upcoming school year, she will transfer to the University of Washington as a junior where she plans to major in Microbiology. At the end of her junior year, Fatima will apply to the UW School of Dentistry. One of Fatima’s favorite pastimes is to work in the lab at school and through the Running Start program, she was able to get experience in biology and chemistry labs. Manila Niroii, Pharm. D., clinical assistant professor, at the University of Washington said this about Fatima: “Her impressive activities and involvement in a diverse range of extra-curricular programs attest to her multi-dimensional interests and her dedication to leadership in working with minority groups as well as her peers. She continues to thrive as a leader in her school and community as a second nature.” Lisa Nguyen Lisa will graduate from Health Science and Human Services High School this month and plans to study environmental science at Western Washington University in the fall. One of Lisa’s goals is to help others in need. She believes that if people work together and unite, society can come up with solutions to improve our environment. Aaron Garcia, TRiO Talent Search Learning Specialist at South Seattle Community College said this about Lisa: “Lisa wears multiple “hats” as athlete, role model to her siblings, and club participant. What amazes me is her ability to manage her multiple roles. Given the guidance and support, I know Lisa will channel her leadership ability and live up to the expectations to be an ambassador of the White Center Community and represent highline school district well at Western Washington University next fall.”
CM GARRITY SCHOLARSHIP New in 2015, thanks to the generosity of benefactor Charles Garrity—the CM Garrity Scholarship was awarded to three graduating students from Highline Public Schools. This is the only 4-year scholarship opportunity provided by Highline Schools Foundation. Scholarship criteria included financial need, academic performance, leadership and community service or extracurricular activities. 2015 CM Garrity Scholarship Recipients:
Elmer Coria-Islas Elmer attends Mount Rainier High School and will attend Pacific Lutheran University this fall where he plans to major in Education (Spanish/French). Elmer is a fan of Linguistics and has a natural knack for language. He uses this talent to help friends and family with translation and interpretation and he’s teaching his mother and other members of the community how to speak English and even write in Spanish, because they never got the opportunity to go to school. Tina Irish, French teacher at Mount Rainier High School said this about Elmer: “Elmer is an extremely dedicated, intelligent young man whose outstanding qualities include wit, honesty and determination. He is a genuine learner who always puts his best effort into everything he does.” Rosa Mai Rosa is a senior at Highline High School. She will study at the University of Washington beginning this fall. She is undecided about her future path but is leaning towards education or law. Rosa thinks herself “an English nerd” and learning more about linguistics and teaching languages through her youth brought her to consider the possibility of a career as an English teacher. Loc Le, Principal of the Van-Lang Vietnamese Cultural School said this about Rosa: “As Rosa progressed and graduated from our school, I personally saw the great potential that she has and asked her to remain with our organization in order to help the younger kids learn Vietnamese. She always keeps a positive attitude with her work and connects well with others. She really cares about giving back to society.” Adanech Makey Adanech graduates from Highline High School this month and will attend Howard University. She interested in political science and activism so Washington D.C. is the place to be for her! Adanech is a dedicated student who has made the most of every opportunity during high school. While pursuing higher education, she plans to continue to work hard and contribute to not only her school, but her community. Roslyn Kagy, Youth Development Manager at SOAR said this about Adanech: “From the moment I met Adanech, I could see that she held a unique position as a community leader. I admire Adanech’s dedication and leadership and it has been an honor for me to work and learn alongside her: pushing her and watching her grow into a strong, thoughtful, and humble leader.”
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