While Monday night’s (Jan. 30, 2023) Kennedy vs Mt. Rainier boys basketball game may have looked like a rivalry on paper, what it was really about was a ticket to the playoffs.

Kennedy Catholic’s Lancers started off strong against the Mt. Rainier Rams boys, putting points up on the board to dominate the game in the first half.

Senior Maclane Watkins had a standout 1st period with not only a crowd-roaring dunk, but multiple points to keep the Lancers ahead.

Senior Zach Hatcher’s leadership on the court kept the Lancers momentum going strong.

By halftime, the Lancers were up by 13 points (double the point total of Mt. Rainier).

With Kennedy’s packed gym, and a cheering student section, fans would have predicted a Lancer win, right?

However, as the 3rd quarter unfolded, the Rams came out with a fight, while the Lancers…didn’t.

Rams Senior Brayden Jackson not only intercepted the ball, but slammed down a dunk to get Mt. Rainier’s momentum going. Jackson’s play was followed by a diving block from Senior Isaac Kwao, and by the end of the 3rd, the Rams were only one point away from the Lancers’ 29 points.

The once-dominant Lancers ended up scoring only three points in the 3rd.

Senior Jase Martinez started off the 4th quarter with a layup to give the rams a 30-29 lead. A star second-half player – Junior Zach Luz – increased the Rams 30 points to 36.

Kennedy Sophmore Brady Wong put an end to the momentum with a 3-point shot with only 6 minutes left. 

The Rams held on and were victorious on Lancer territory with a close 51-46 score.

Both teams showed immense resilience and sportsmanship throughout the rivalry match.

Overall, the Lancers are now 4-15, while the Rams are 8-10. Kennedy next faces Kentridge at home on Thursday, Feb. 2, while the Rams will take on Federal Way the same night.

Below are photos by Elisabeth Adams – click the arrows to view the gallery:

Elisabeth Adams is a Photographer for The B-Town Blog. She has been going to school in Burien for five years and loves to photograph sports, people, and events.