On the agenda for Monday night’s (Sept. 11, 2023) Burien City Council meeting: Welcoming Week, SCORE Jail, Planning Commission candidates, cargo container storage and more.

The meeting is scheduled to start Monday night at 7 p.m., and can be viewed in-person at Burien City Hall, live on Comcast TV Channel 21, virtually via Zoom here or livestreamed online here.

Download the full agenda/packet here.

One agenda item of interest has to do with Ordinance No. 820, related to residents’ usage of cargo containers, trucks, RVs and other vehicles to store items that may be considered eyesores. According to the agenda packet:

“Some residents are using cargo containers, trucks, recreational vehicles, and other vehicles to store items, including garbage and refuse, in residential neighborhoods resulting in eyesores and potential habitat for vermin and other undesirable things. Such storage is prohibited for cargo containers in residential zones, and Burien should consider extending this prohibition to trucks (including but not limited to box trucks), recreational vehicles, and other vehicles.”

Here are some agenda highlights:


  • a)  Welcoming Week Proclamation: Deputy Mayor Kevin Schilling
  • b)  Suicide Prevention Month Proclamation: Councilmember Sarah Moore
  • c)  South Correctional Entity (SCORE Jail) Presentation: Adolfo Bailon, City Manager. Devon Schrum, SCORE Executive Director


Notice to all participants: Pursuant to RCW 42.17A.555, campaigning for any ballot measure or candidate in City Hall and/or during any portion of the Council Meeting – including the public comment period – is prohibited.


  • a)  Briefing of Planning Commission Candidates: Heather Dumlao, City Clerk, Jen Ivins, Deputy City Clerk, Megan Brehm, Records Coordinator.
  • b)  Introduction to Ordinance No. 820, Amending BMC 15.40.210 – Cargo Containers and Semi-Trailers: Garmon Newsom II, City Attorney.
  • c)  City Council Planning Calendar: Adolfo Bailon, City Manager.

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