Area residents – aka ’12th Fans’ – were in New Jersey, local bars and homes enjoying Sunday’s Super Bowl blowout, and we’ve got some pics to share. From Scott and Laura Beth Peterson, who are in New Jersey at the game (click images to see larger versions/slideshow): photo 1 photo 2 61325_10202907197271509_1096480155_n “The Bronco fans next to me just left! Guess they aren’t fans of the12th man. Here is a picture of the Bronco fan in front of us. I guess LOUD is not his favorite either. Still, a lot of game left.”:


photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 1 From Joe Gillum, watching the game at home: JoeGillum From Paris Waddill at the Sunnydale Tavern: SunnydaleTavern From Erik Robbins: ErikRobbins From Carrel Neffenger Jr., who said “It’s the most affordable way I could display the colors.”: CarelNeffengerJr From Todd Manola, who said “Sitting a little high. Super Bowl. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t complain.”: ToddManola From Paul Conrath, who said “We are going to win this!”: PaulConrath From Whitney Wagner, who said “Here is miss Addie May watching the game!!!”:


From Jonica Combs at The Mark: JonicaCombs From Diane Ryan, who said “SUPERBOWL SUNDAY IN BURIEN!!!!!”: DianeRyan And our friends at WABI Burien showed their spirit during their ’12th Man Walking’ walk. Maureen Hoffman said “Twenty Two “12th Man” Walkers today! Then some of us “cheered local” at The Greek House.”: WABI-12th Man Superbowl Walkers From Kim Yeargin, who said “My family getting ready for the game.”: KimYeargin From Joey Martinez, who said “Some of the Burien Bearcats at Round Table Pizza to watch the game. About a quarter left before this picture got taken… AFTER we won!”: WP_20140202_19_06_42_ProWP_20140202_19_05_10_ProWP_20140202_19_06_26_Pro From Kathy BarlowBysheim, who said “The Bysheim Family Enjoys the Game; L-R: Pixie, Kaare, Abby, Kate & Kali”: KathyBarlow-TwelfthBysheimFansIf you’ve got some pics you’d like to share, please email and we’ll post the best!]]>

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