Photographer Francis Zera was on hand Monday (Feb. 2) as the Seattle Seahawks returned to Sea-Tac Airport after their heartbreaking loss in the Super Bowl.
Numerous “12th Fans” were on hand though to give our beloved football team a warm welcome.
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5 replies on “SLIDESHOW: Seattle Seahawks return to warm welcome at Sea-Tac Airport”

  1. LOSSERS !!
    FIRE the Coach !!
    What a bone-headed play !!
    Players should REVOLT !!
    Fans should STOP supporting those corporate PIGS !!

  2. I was wrong, I was totally wrong. When they were playing so poorly earlier in the season I said they wouldn’t even make the playoffs. I thought they were going to be like all the other Seattle teams and break our hearts by not making the playoffs. I was wrong about that.
    They chose a much deeper way to break our hearts. Raise our hopes up to the peak of hopefulness, and then dash our hearts on the rocks of stupid play calling.
    I wish they would quit trying to justify it. It only keeps the pain alive.

  3. I am very proud of the Seahawks this year! Losing at the Superbowl is no disgrace- look at all the teams that couldn’t make it there… Our Seahawks did not give up. Making it to the Superbowl a second time created a greater sense of community pride. I especially appreciate that Coach Carroll is a coach who cares about his players and the community. One play should not overshadow the entire season. Next year is going to be great!

  4. Shame on the fickle among us that are fair-weather friends! Do we only love our team only when they win? They are human and they are spectacular examples of Seattle spirit. We don’t quit when we are down. We soldier on and get better. How dare ANYONE put these brave warriors down! They brought us more joy than we could ever hope for and it was a great game. We know they did not win but they did take us to the Superbowl over all others and that is more than something.
    There is another season and these are our guys and we stand behind them, win or lose.
    If there are those among us that can’t stand it, then go elsewhere and leave us to enjoy and applaud and praise our SEAHAWKS!!!!!

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