The Burien Bearcat Seniors played in the championship game Sunday night against the Eastside Catholic Crusaders, and unfortunately lost by a score of 40-13. Jerrod Sessler sent us these photos (click images to see larger versions): 207AF977-227E-4E20-8962-D9664466CD3D 4EF2E6C9-F748-4D74-A657-303CB958B60E 1EBB59B7-9D07-42B6-8D06-9B27C818C280 33C4A691-2D2B-40C2-A82C-0F5D77D8D20A 5AD7BD64-093D-4D0C-BAEF-61ED8BACACEC 43614D8B-3E00-473E-961C-C70B10381C09 D7801CC5-8F21-4C3C-97DA-42F5FA110FAC 6E2D7DD3-7EC2-418A-AF05-BF5A10739A6F “Super proud of the entire Burien Bearcats team at all levels,” Sessler said. “The Seniors played in the Championship game Sunday night against the Eastside Crusaders and lost with a very respecticable and honorable effort. The opponent is well funded with an enormous team and plenty of feeder teams keeping them stocked. Our boys played the season with just enough boys to make the field and they played both sides of the ball in every game. Still, they made it all the way to the final championship game! We are very proud of their effort and the effort of all the Bearcats, coaches, parents, volunteers and teams administrators. Burien should also be very proud to have this high of caliber organization in the community. The Bearcats are always in need of local sponsorship for the team and scholarship of good players that cannot afford the costs.” Great job Bearcats!]]>

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  1. Congratulations to the Bearcat Seniors on making it to the championship game. Win or lose you guys are the champs. In fact, congratulations to all the players and coaches in all divisions of the Burien Bearcats. It is a huge commitment to be involved in football. Most people don’t know the hours that you put in to make the teams a success. The coaches and administrators are all volunteers who do it because of a love for the kids. For some of these kids it is the first time they have played organized sports and it is something they will remember all of their lives.
    Hats off the the players and staff of the Burien Bearcats!

      1. Depending on how you’re looking to contribute you can email [email protected]
        Shoes (cleats – molded, not screw on type.)
        Donations for equipment are ALWAYS needed as well. Practice pants and jerseys as well as leg pads are helpful.
        Cash is another item we always need.
        Anything you can do always helps!

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