[EDITOR’S NOTE: Back with more great work is our youngest-ever Contributor – 11-year old Isabel Herbruger – who has earned a Girl Scout badge in Journalism, and is also developing her skills for another 4H photography project after winning top prizes in it last year. We encourage residents of all ages to submit stories and photos for posting – for consideration, please email yours to editor@b-townblog.com!] Photos and Story by Isabel Herbruger, age 11 There have been several Highline Pirate soccer games, baseball games, tennis matches, and two track meets the past few weeks. TENNIS In tennis, the Lady Pirates are 3-6 in the league. They have beaten Evergreen, Tyee, and Renton. On April 5, 2016 I went to the match against Foster. It was my first time shooting tennis. One of the things I learned is they never play tennis in the rain, the ball gets too heavy to hit. If you would like to see other tennis shots they are at The Other Sports Page on Facebook. Click images to see larger versions/slideshow: 09 27 28 34 36 SOCCER In boys soccer, the Pirates are 2 wins/5 losses/3 ties for the season in league play. They played Renton on April 12 and had the lead for most of the game. A hand ball lead to a penalty kick which let Renton tie the game with just minutes left. It was a very exciting game to watch. It ended in a 1-1 tie. The Pirates played Tyee on April 19 at Highline. This time the Pirates won 2-1. More photos can be seen at HHS Pirate Soccer on Facebook. team-2 07 13 14 23 37 42 43 50-kick 55 07_1 BASEBALL In baseball, the Pirates are 6-4 for the season in league play. On April 18 they beat Foster 10-0. On April 20, they lost to Kennedy 2-12. The Kennedy game had some interesting action in it. Early in the game, the Kennedy pitcher went after a ball and collided with a Pirate runner. It looked like he might stay to pitch, but after being on the ground for several minutes and a few test pitches, he was taken out of the game. The Pirate catcher and pitcher had great teamwork to get an out at home plate (see photo). team 45 50-over 59 08-safe 10-fav 12-ball 14 23-ball 25 28 38 43 Later on, you could see the disappointment on the Pirate faces when two errors happened as they tried to tag a runner out. The runner ended up scoring because of a bad throw to third (see photo). The very next Kennedy batter hit a homerun. Even with the tough loss, you can tell the team does their best to their spirits up and play hard. More game photos are at HHS Pirate Baseball on Facebook. TRACK And finally, in track, the Pirates have not won a single meet. It is not because they are bad, they are a small team and points are given for placing in the different events. Against Foster on April 14, there was a close race in the 800 meter. The Pirate runner came from behind to win it in the last 100 meters (see photo). In the 3200 meter race, a Bulldog lost count and ran an extra lap. It was nice because it gave a new Pirate runner someone to compete against at the end of the long race (see photo). The last photos are of the meet against Lindbergh on April 21. More meet photos can be seen at HHS Pirate Track on Facebook. silly-team shot-03 run-extra run-12-close run-01 long-03 jav-01 disc-04 disc-04_1 disc-03 disc-02 disc-01 run-04 run-03 run-02 Thank you for your time and consideration, – Isabel H. Official “Unofficial Pirate Photographer”]]>

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