The Burien Police Department posted the following photos on their Facebook page, showing a fire that started in some bushes and quick engulfed a tree near a home at SW 128th and 4th Ave SW: 11700949_627386164067379_8963615346284421534_o 11040511_627386150734047_4518761941395846510_o 11707730_627386154067380_7251880787382391215_o 11698574_627382237401105_5938174037233463381_n 11665391_627381980734464_5939072980055483022_n 11709457_627381837401145_6954152000192794505_n 11695757_627381730734489_1988273074785940749_n

Photos courtesy Burien Police Department.

“Here is why we are working so hard to enforce the fireworks ban,” police said. “This fire started in some bushes likely caused by fireworks and quickly engulfed a tree and was threatening a nearby home. Officers tried using their fire extinguishers but the fire grew too large. They evacuated the nearby home and waited for the fire department who did a great job extinguishing the fire. This was a very close call at SW 128 and 4 SW.”


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3 replies on “PHOTOS: Fireworks turn tree into large roman candle in Burien on the 4th”

  1. This is the first year I can remember that there was not a lot of pre 4th fireworks going on the week prior to the 4th. It was actually pretty nice. Did it have anything to do with the Burien Police Department handing out hefty tickets?

    1. My hood (gregory heights) had the same amount of pre/during/post 4th of illegal fireworks. Didn’t seem to me that the police were actually doing anything about it (as usual)

      1. We had a few going off around north burien before the 4th a couple big ones here and there nothing major. Then on 4th after the sun went down it got a little loud for about 3 hrs to 4hrs not to bad a lot less than years past. Are pets did not seem to be bother at all one are cats hop up in the window and almost went outside in the middle of everything but change her mind and hop down. I did see some police lights and could here sirens every few minutes. I think cops were trying to scare people from lighting off more fireworks. But to write someone a ticket you have to take in to consideration that the cops have to actually see the person lighting the fireworks or have a good credible witness. Think if your neighbor seen a bottle rocket hit there house and they think it’s you lighting them off but it actually came from the next block over or someone walking down the street. But they tell the police it was you they cant just go and write you a ticket tell you to fight in court. They have to look into a little first and prove it was you just like any other law.

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