Courtesy Elston Hill comes these great photos, taken this weekend from/in Burien and showing two different ways of catching seafood in Puget Sound. First, some dramatic photos of a Great Blue Heron enjoying a meal (click images to view larger versions/slideshow): And…shrimp season opened Saturday, May 5. “This morning a lot of small boats roaring by very early in the morning,” Elston said. “Then I noticed more than 70 boats across at Dilbert Point on Vashon Island. Checking on the internet, I found the following:”

Recreational shrimp fishing opened on Saturday, May 5 in Puget Sound under seasons announced today by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). This year’s Puget Sound shrimp fishing seasons are generally similar to those in 2017, said Mark O’Toole, a shellfish biologist for WDFW, noting that he expects a strong turnout by shrimp fishers – especially on opening day. In all areas of Puget Sound, fishers are limited to 80 shrimp a day (if open) during the month of May. A valid 2018-19 combination license, shellfish license, or Fish Washington license is required to participate in the fishery. More information on sport shrimp seasons, and a description of the marine areas, is available on WDFW’s recreational shrimp fishing website at
These pictures show only some of the boats off Dilbert. Plenty of boats off Three Tree Point as well this morning: ]]>

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