Story & Photos by Julie Newcombe

It was a cool and misty night with fewer sightings (and photos due to rain) than BUFO 2016, but that didn’t put a damper on the festivities – alien life forms, music by the Lovecats, street artists, UFO shorts in the Tin Theater, electric vehicles that landed in front of the Hayes Feed & Country Store, and a saucer carrying two filmmakers that beamed down from Olympia.

My picks for highlights of the experience were the alien covered platter of veritable life forms and “The Maury Island Incident” which was screened in the Tin Theater.

A cool platter was created by a Burien sculptor. (If anyone knows her name, please email me so I can credit her.) It contained items, fluoresced by an eerie green light, seen only in horror films or the darkest corners of reality.

“The Maury Island Incident”, directed/produced by Scott Schaefer from a script by writer/producer Steve Edmiston, is one of the finest UFO short films I’ve seen. It has the rare distinction of appealing to both the UFO hunter and pop-culture enthusiast. It’s attention to factual and historical detail are superb, especially for a film shot in only four days.

Also, here’s a Tweet with a pic of one of the more popular dog costumes seen at BUFO:

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