In honor of Seahurst Park re-opening to the public after an extensive restoration of the north shoreline, BTB photographer Michael Brunk assembled this gallery of unpublished photos shot at the park.
In it, you’ll find photos from three visits to Seahurst Park. The first set was shot in October 2013 just days before the park closed. These photos show the park as it was before the North Shoreline Restoration Project began.
The second set was shot during a visit earlier this year as major construction was complete and finishing work and landscaping was underway.
Photos from the final set were shot at sunset on opening day, this past Monday, August 25.
You can click on individual images to view them larger.

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10 replies on “PHOTOS: Seahurst Park… Then and Now”

  1. By the looks of the pictures it looks great! Photo shop is awesome… In real life it doesn’t look anywhere near as nice… When I think about a beach I picture of course water, but sand as well… They could have at least covered up some of those unattractive rocks and old seaweed with some new, soft, more like a beach sand… Then it would have looked great!

    1. Maybe you could try and “photoshop” them in for yourself.
      I dont think Michael needs to use photoshop

    2. That would defeat the purpose. They were restoring it to a more natural beach, which in Washington means, rocks and seaweed. I went down there yesterday, it was really nice!

  2. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. Burien should be proud of one of our greatest assets. The after is better than before for sure!

  3. What a great trip down memory lane. I used to go to this Park with my Sister and late Father. It just brought back some really warm memories and appreciation for both my Father and this lovely Washington State Beach. I hope to visit and bring my Daughter next time I’m in town.

  4. These are absolutely fabulous photos, Michael. Excellent job indeed. It’s a gallery full
    of wonderful memories. WOW. they’ve done a really nice job on the park. it looks 100% better without all that unsightly concrete. im impressed. It’s gorgeous! :~)
    I’m so glad to have before and after photos. Thank you bunches for all your hard work
    taking and sharing these beautiful photos.

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