Courtesy Ray & Dory Hamlin comes these great photos of Turkey Vultures flying over Burien’s Three Tree Point neighborhood Thursday morning, Oct. 15 (click images to see larger versions): P1160361-2 P1250220 (3) “Five Turkey Vultures made a rare appearance above Three Tree Point this morning as they search for thermals during their fall migration to California and Mexico,” Ray told The B-Town Blog. “Point Robinson on Maury Island is in the background.” According to the Seattle Audubon Society:

The most widely distributed vulture in the New World, the Turkey Vulture is a large, predominantly blackish-brown bird. It is most commonly seen soaring overhead. The Turkey Vulture has a 5- to 6-foot wingspan and soars with its wings tilted up, in a dihedral pattern. Turkey Vultures rock back and forth when soaring. The underwings are two-toned: silvery flight feathers with black wing-linings. The undertail is also light. Juveniles have gray heads while newly hatched birds have black heads. When the birds are soaring, it is difficult to see the color of the head. The rocking, as well as the dihedral pattern, distinguishes the Turkey Vulture in flight from other large, soaring birds. Perched, adult Turkey Vultures are unmistakable, with their featherless, red heads.

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