The King County Sheriff’s Office is attempting to identify the person responsible for an armed robbery at a gas station on Roxbury Street in White Center on Tuesday, Feb. 2: 12647084_704999702972691_9092913574461140985_n 12651019_704999676306027_5881960553039535465_n The suspect is described as an unknown race male in his 20s, wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans, along with a black ball cap. He was armed with a shotgun when he entered the store at about 2:45 a.m. Persons with information regarding this case are encouraged to call Detective Belford at (206) 255-9750. “Please share this post far and wide so we can lock this armed robber up!” police said.]]>

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30 replies on “Police seeking public's help identifying White Center armed robbery suspect”

  1. Here’s a brilliant idea – have the camera(s) at face level coming and going as these views solve nothing. Junkie need$ a fix!

    1. Funny c-tac you know the government trys to keep guns away from the mentality ill by passing a simple law and your convinced there coming to take your guns away.Interesting are you mentality ill c-tac. Yes these laws are not going to work overnight these laws take time to have a effect now if the govment went and did nothing about these issues then the government would be looked at even worse. So when we have a issue of people with mental health issues on prescription SSRI drugs partaking in mass shootings then yes a law needs to be created to help keep these mentality ill people from purchasing firearms in the future. Will it stop all gun crimes no of course not but it might help. So c-tac why are you so against these laws.

    2. More gun laws? I am sure this guy caught on camera would have no problem breaking the gun laws – whatever they are. Gun laws punish law abiding citizens and do nothing to reduce crime. Also, there’s this issue of the 2nd amendment which kind of guarantees the right to bear arms. Unless you’re in favor of abolishing the 2nd amendment, in which case I’m wondering what other parts of the constitution you’d be in favor of abolishing – freedom of religion? Speech? No, more gun laws will not solve anything. Imagine if the shopkeeper had a gun, and the robber knew it. Would he have attempted the robbery? I don’t think so.

      1. Peter, Just how do gun laws punish law abiding citizens? Gun laws attempt to prevent sales and ownership of guns by those who should not have them because of their own history of criminal behavior or mental illness. Why would you be against that? If you are not a criminal and not suffering from mental illness no one is trying to restrict your right to defend yourself.
        Personally I feel in addition to current gun laws, there should be a training certificate required before ownership of a gun of any type.

        1. Hi Sandy S. I am simply saying that criminals who ignore laws will certainly ignore any new gun laws, no? Last I checked, felons convicted of a violent crime cannot own a gun (legally). Of course they will get a gun illegally – which is my whole point. New gun laws won’t change anything, and will further erode the 2nd amendment.
          Regarding mental illness and gun ownership, check out this editorial in the NY Times (pushing for increased gun control, incidentally) :
          “Over all, less than 5 percent of gun homicides between 2001 and 2010 were committed by people with diagnoses of mental illness, according to a public health study published this year.
          Blaming mental health problems for gun violence in America gives the public the false impression that most people with mental illness are dangerous, when in fact a vast majority will never commit violence.”

          1. Tell it to the parents of the children massacred at
            Sandy Hook Elementary
            School! Your statement is outrageous and off base…simply stated…one is too many!

          2. Can’t Believable: gun laws would not have saved anyone at Sandy Hook: the shooter got the guns from his mother who legally purchased them. Let’s not exploit a tragedy in order to push an agenda, okay?

          3. So I guess by your response…two mentally ill individuals…the Mother and the son, justify the horrendous death of these children…the end is the means for your logic….ignorant in society’s opinion. With their anger and disappointing lives…they never should of owned guns…simply who were they defending in the end? Were they defending themselves? The end became their means via your logic…how sad and senseless. It was not necessary…these tragic deaths. I agree, don’t exploit a tradgedy to further YOUR agenda!

          4. Peter, sorry to have taken so long to reply. Thank you for providing the link to the New York Times article. I am wondering what your take was on this line from that article:
            “Requiring an in-person application (like getting a driver’s license) would make it harder for them to qualify for gun ownership. In the 10 years after Connecticut passed a “permit to purchase” law requiring would-be gun buyers to pass a background check and complete a gun safety course with a certified instructor, gun homicides in the state fell by 40 percent.”
            To me it seems they are providing evidence of such laws and safety courses having been of a significant use in lowering acts of gun violence. While at the same time not infringing on the first amendment rights of law abiding citizen with good mental health. Would you be against similar practices in our state?

    3. I’m for Protecting the Amendments of America. You know,United States of American. Or has the liberals washed away your Amendments already. Jimmy. We can go on and on,but you have the first Amendment. You know?
      Freedom of speech. Lol If the libs think More( GUN CONTROL LAWS ) will stop shootings❗❕⁉….GOD HELP US ALL.

      1. C-tac its not about rights when someone is suffering from a mental illness and there brain has no real control over their thoughts and actions. Then something needs to be done. Here take some time read this
        Then take some time and look around on this site
        When someone has issues with control and thought process it is not best time for them to have a firearm. It does not matter what side you vote for.

  2. What is he wearing under that shirt? Is that a bullet proof vest? or a back brace? And is that a ‘he’ or could it be a ‘she’?

  3. Well, since these comments got so far off topic anyways,
    Do any of you posting about gun laws and mentally ill people etc, really think that cat holding the shotgun in someones face really gives a rats ass about gun laws?

    1. Well yes and no this person might not of care for gun laws. But who ever the original owner of the shot gun is (guessing it stolen) should be held responsible for this person’s action since they did not properly lock there firearm up. This is another issue with firearms and firearms owners some don’t take the time to get training with there firearm or having the means to safely store there firearm (gun safe/ammo lock box,trigger lock). Some leave there firearm sitting in a closet collecting dust never going target practicing or cleaning there firearm. But they expect that if a intruder comes in they will be able to shoot them in one shot just like the movies. Then there are some that will think if anyone disagrees with them they just have show there weapon and the argument is over. Now do think these people care about gun laws not mention the ones that think the president is a Muslim and is going take over the world and take everyone’s firearms away just because of the color of skin. You know there are a lot firearms owners that think this just from what see on the news. So in the end I think there needs to be more of a mental health evaluation yearly for firearms owners and some required target practicing and training with there firearm.

      1. Jimmy, you said
        “But who ever the original owner of the shot gun is (guessing it stolen) should be held responsible for this person’s action since they did not properly lock there firearm up.”
        How do you know that?
        I had several guns almost stolen from me years ago and they came in when I was gone and actually smashed the concrete wall my safe was bolted into.
        Luckily they were caught in the act thanks to a watchful neighbor
        Then you said,
        Then there are some that will think if anyone disagrees with them they just have show there weapon and the argument is over.
        Well you are right there, if someone put a gun in my face I would definitely concede any argument I was having them. *lol*

        1. Well devilsadvocate I got a couple questions one if you could afford a safe and firearms. Why did you not have a alarm system. Also how did the suspects know where the safe was and did they know what was in it.
          Also did you have trigger locks and a ammo lock box.

          1. Pretty hard to hide a 5′ tall x 3′ wide safe Jimmy and it wouldnt have mattered what was in there to a thief. They are going to try and get in it. Go figure.

          2. Well let’s see you still haven’t said if you had a alarm system prevent a large dog could of keep the suspects away from your home. Now luckily you had your firearms locked up so the suspects did not get them. But some firearms owners don’t lock up there firearms then when they leave there home and someone breaks in and steal there firearm. This where I feel the owner of the should be partially responsible for what happens with that firearm. For not using proper reasonabilitys in owning a firearm.

  4. My personal RIGHTS) in mine own place of residence to place how I see fit, my firearms. Never ever allow the Government or others to tell otherwise. jimmy I will never be responsible for YOUR OWN PERSONAL ACCOUNTS or ACTIONs. That’s insanity to think that if someone else STOLE a firearm and used it in a unlawful way,to then imprison/bame the owner for his (2nd Amendment RIGHT). What if it was a stolen knife,or crowbar,or hammer,or screw driver. imprison the criminal not the law-abiding citizens. But the libs will always find a way to say well,,That gun or knife or crowbar or screw driver was not LOCKED up so lets blame him/her for others action. *****ENEMY of the STATES and all Fallon SOLDIERS****.

    1. Well c-tac a knife or crowbar or screw driver are not consider deadly weapons. Yes they can be used as a deadly weapon. Firearms are consider a deadly weapon because they can kill mutable people with in seconds. Only someone trained in using a knife to kill would be able to pull off something even close to what firearms can do. Now you keep bringing up the rights as Americans have rights and yes we the right to bare arms witch surprise I agree with. But what I don’t understand is why is it when the government wants to fix a issue with gun laws like making more background checks and mental health evaluations or some good training .You think there taking your rights away. Most firearms owner should be able pass a few simple background checks and mental health evaluation with out a problem. So c-tac as I see it the only reason you would have a issue with this is if you think you would not pass these tests. But then again your probably to busy packing up your guns to go take over a federal reserve if so don’t forget to pack your aluminum foil hat why your at it and also watch out for those pesky chem trails. Oh yeah and watch out for the highway cameras man there watching you! oh turn off your phone and pull the battery hurry!! oh wait your on the internet your busted already to late might as well put your hands up and walk outside.

    2. Ctac, I once lived across the street from a family with a 12 year old boy. The father left a loaded rifle in the coat closet by the front door of their home. He did this, knowing that his son was often home for 3 hours before either he or his wife returned from work. The son was allowed to have school friends visit during those 3 hours. Do you think the father was doing the right thing?

      1. Jimmy.I passed all F.B.I. Tests. When I was 21. Payed by my Father as a 21st Birthday present. I’m 41. Born and raised in SeaTac area. I will give the same present to my young daughter. Sandy.the answer is yes of course. Why? Because I do the same and she is WELL trained by her DAD on( firearms control ) lol. Her safety is the up most. In our house.being a single parent.I (cannot)! Always be home for her.

        1. Ctac – Your daughter is a child and no matter how well trained, she should not be left alone with a friend a loaded gun.

        2. ctac you passed all you F.B.I tests over 20 years ago this does not explain your current mental health status or background. Also doe’s not explain your current firearm use practices and if you are current with all the laws. Also does not explain if you had any violent acts over the pass 20 years were the police had to be called. This also does not tell if you sold any of your firearms illegally to a buddy in a pinch for cash over the pass 20 years.

      2. That depends, SandyS. It is the father’s (or gun owners) responsibility to ensure those with access to the gun are aware of gun safety, how to use it, etc. You might disagree, but I think it is possible for a 12 year old to understand that the gun is not a toy and is dangerous.

        1. Teaching a child to use a firearm is a tough topic. I think a better option is teach them some simple self defense methods to protect against a criminal. Simple use of pressure points how to perform a arm bar,full Nelson or half Nelson. Because when your child is going through there teenage years they deal with lot more emotional stress now of days then they have ever before. The chance of suicide or a school shooting is more likely to happen then them shooting a intruder. You also have consider is your child going to able to pull the trigger in a high stress situation like a intruder breaking in.

    1. ctac my 10 year old nephew has a swiss army knife (does not carry to school but is allow to use it at home)Also the guy at R.E.I try getting us to get him a 4 inch locking blade buck knife we decided on a swiss army knife would be more appropriate for a 10 year old.Not all knifes are consider a weapon. Only if you plan on using a knife as a weapon then it becomes a weapon other than that it is a utility device. This why the Boy scouts of America used to teach kids on how to use knife’s safely.
      on teaching your daughter gun control or how to use firearms in this day and age I bet if she tells any of her friends and there parents or your ex-wife find out expect a visit from c.p.s. you will most likely lose custody of your child.

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