KING5 is reporting that Jaron Bidwell, who lives in the Alturas at Burien (formerly The Heights) apartment complex, was most likely jumped and beaten on Tuesday night, Feb. 23 near the AM/PM Mini Market on Ambaum Blvd. SW and SW 136th Street: Reports are that Bidwell was walking to the store when he was attacked just before 10 p.m. He ended up at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, and required surgery. Bidwell is a father and husband who works as a longshoreman in Seattle, KING5 said. On Wednesday, he was in and out of consciousness, and both sides of his jaw are broken, according to relatives. The King County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. Anyone with information about what happened is asked to call (206) 296-3311.]]>

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40 replies on “REPORT: Burien man most likely jumped, attacked near SW 136th & Ambaum”

  1. The Heights! It continues to be in the news over and over. Burien residents need to pressure the owners to clean-it-up. #notinourtown

    1. Perhaps we can also pressure ur esteemed ppolice force to provide some additional ’emphasis’ patrols, as well ….

  2. That was my hood in the 80’s as a kid…never felt unsafe there back then.
    Tines have changed since the illegals moved in and the section 8’ers got pushed out of Seattle into Burien.
    Time for this place to be demolished and rebuilt as luxury condos.
    Let these losers all move to Kent, Auburn or Tacoma.

    1. B*llsh&t Don. I grew up in burien during the eighties and those same apartments were a center of drug dealing and addicts and low income people then. Don’t try to blame it on immigrants legal or otherwise or on section Eight housing. Blame it on the racist institution that caused the problem. Our own people and white supremacy. We can still fix this if all people treat one another with respect and give EQUAL opportunities to all regardless of color or religion or sex.

      1. Talk about painting with a broad brush, now all the crime and dysfunction in Burien is the fault of the White race and a perceived supremacy. Your out of touch with reality and discounting the actual facts regarding crime and responsible parties. I can assure you and any other who wishes to counter this statement that it’s been a gradual decline and the increase of crime has been a by product of both immigration and resettlement in the area. How come all the gang members associated or arrested for crime locally all belong to a non White race then? How come the new Hispanic ground central is White Center and the area South of it towards Burien is where all these gang shooting and now this innocent resident gets rolled. There is good reason for life long local residents like myself to laugh at your statement that “us” Whites are the cause of local crime!

        1. Before anyone get their panties in a twist let me add that Whites are responsible for a percentage of crime, but good luck pointing out a White gang tag anywhere near Burien because they don’t exist. Point made!

      2. I’m all for equal rights, let’s all start with following the right to be in this Country legally and go from there. Because you deserve nothing from society if you can’t even follow the rule of law to start with.

      3. Thanks Mat for telling me who to blame it on except I dont make excuses. Man up princess and look at your pathetic self. ” Racist institution”,” our own people” sounds like you might be the people you hate the most. A neighbor is a neighbor, A friend is a friend but you seem to categorize them and act like you really are not a bigot. Look in the mirror Mat you are a wolf in sheeps clothing….trying to act like an institution or a certain group causes a man to get jumped walking to the store. It is caused by an individual choice made by some cowards Mat. Good try on spreading your brainwashed wisdom.

      4. Mat,
        I don’t remember any drive by shootings or people getting jumped back in the early 80’s at Seahurst Manor?
        The Mexican drug wars around here and the gentrification of Seattle are causing these problems in Burien.
        Don T.

  3. “Burien man most likely jumped” Not most likely, I am 100% sure he was.
    Poor guy. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery.

  4. What needs to happen to get The Heights (aka Alturas) shut down…
    It is a cesspool of crime activity- imagine what happens there and doesn’t get reported on. As a city we shouldn’t stand for this anymore.

  5. & it wasn’t just a few days ago that the new management representatives of that complex reassured us at the community meeting at Gregory Heights, that things are changing for the better. This proves that that is not the case. Wonder what those people & those police that were at the meeting have to say about this now. I live close to this area & it has been going downhill for a while now & it needs to stop. The safety of our neighbors is relying & depending on proactive action.

  6. Just to clear up the record, the Burien Police are in the Heights or whatever they are called now every shift. Also, I don’t believe the incident happened in the apartment complex itself. They are trying. Give them a chance.

  7. Thank you Ghost of Maplewild for being the only person here so far to wish the victim, Jaron, a speedy recovery. Everyone else just jumps in to blame, forgetting that there is a father, a son, a brother, fighting for his life.
    Does anyone know if there is a GoFundMe page or other fundraising site to help Jaron with his bills?
    Best wishes to Jaron and his family. My thoughts are with you.

    1. Jaron is my coworker and a good guy. He just moved back here from the Bainbridge area a few months ago. With a family and only one income he reluctantly chose The Heights but was hoping to get the heck out of there as soon as their lease was up after realizing how unsavory things are there. If anyone is able to help his family the YouCaring link is below and like the hobos on the corner of 148th say, “anything helps”.

      1. OK I am glad people are willing to help this person in his time of need but has anyone verified who Alissa Cullen actually is other than the organizer of this crowdsource page. I don’t know if she is a family member or a friend of the victim. It would be nice to know before making a donation. To verify where these donations are going. There has been over $700 donated so far which is awesome but it would suck for that to be in the wrong hands.

        1. Alissa is another coworker of jarons. It’s legit and the blog did inquire to the validity already. We are backed by his family and it is set up to go to their bank acct. I can personally back up all statements. Thanks for your concern for Jarons well being.

        2. Jimmy, There is a comment from Jaron’s mom, Rae, on the YouCaring site thanking Alissa for setting the fundraiser up. You are wise to make sure your money is actually going to the victim though.

  8. This is nothing new for burien. A few years ago I was walking home from a corner store and 3 big tonga guys approach me two were just a little bigger than me. The third one was bigger than the other 2 put together. They started by asking me if had a dollar then they started talking trash. As they came closer to me I pulled my pocket knife out flip out the blade just under legal size with this being a 3 on 1 situation I felt unsafe and needed to protect my self. I looked at all them in the eyes and said what’s up. They looked at me then the knife.Luckily they decided to backed off and I continue on my way. I was a little shaken by the experience but I did not get hurt. I now carry a stun gun and pocket knife on me if I am going to be out late. Things can happen anywhere not just in the bad spots of the town.
    I also had friend a few years back got jumped by a group of 10 teenagers about a block from highline hospital. Just walking home from work.
    I hope this guy makes a full recovery and these punk’s involved get what’s coming to them.

  9. About a week ago a person was shot in the head across from White Ctr. Elem school. A Friday night. I know this is the B town blog and all but I never saw any mention of that. Since this is all still close to our neighborhoods. Anyone know about that incident and what played out??? Right up the street from the hgts..That’s a pretty big thing…

    1. I agree, I would hate for a crime like that to be considered common place and so non news worthy it doesn’t even get mentioned.

  10. SIDENOTE- The apartment is re-branding to save face. Get ready for it… The Heights= Alturas (Heights in spanish)…. Gee they are clearly taking things seriously

    1. You know what else is serious but not widely known, Rat City area has one of the highest rates of State funded births, why?

      1. Good point. Illegals that cannot afford to have children come here and live off the washington taxpayers who pay for the birth, the food, the housing, the medical and the education of their children . They are classic freeloaders! They can even get a drivers license without having to prove legal residency. And of course there are the scammers … All you have to do is look at the parking lot of the section 8 housing and see cars that people on section 8 housing should not be available to afford. Its a travesty!

        1. Interesting because when I was on welfare my self 4 years ago I had to prove I was a legal citizen. I had to go to a mental health evaluations every 6 months. I had to see a mental health professional once a month and get a form sign and mail,faxed in. Which the mental health professional would have to send the form in multipliable times do to the dshs office losing the paperwork. I also could not afford a car or most of my grocery on the food stamps I was given. Also most of my cloths had holes in them and did not fit fell well but I could not afford better at the time. Then I had fight to get on ssi I had to hire a attorney to get all my medical health/mental health and schools records together to prove my disabilities.Plus go see a few doctor’s that the government set’s up to say your not disable.Then my mom and I had to see a judge that treated us like we were evil for me being disable. For having learning disabilities all my life and mental health disorders. I have never been on section 8 because from what I here is the list is too long takes about 3 years for you to have a chance at getting a place. If you make a mistake on any paperwork your out. This is why navos and other mental health places have been buying some the apartment complexes in the area or renting out the apartment to help the mental ill get off the street.

  11. First – prayers for a speedy recovery for the victim of this crime.
    Second: this underscores the need for more energy & focus on safety/reducing crime in Burien, as opposed to spending time and money hiring a parking compliance officer to monitor parking on 152nd St. Forget about parking for now and hire someone to monitor the Heights. I used to deliver pizzas a few years ago and whenever my deliveries would take me to the Heights I’d try to park very close to the apartment I was delivering to – even if it meant parking in a no parking zone for 2 minutes. I had a few run-ins with an over zealous security guard bent on enforcing the parking rules there. But I feared for my safety and always wanted to get out of there quickly. I truly hope that the situation improves there.

      1. Jimmy, can you perhaps enlighten me as to why you want me to listen to a 2 hour Burien PD meeting? To save time, perhaps you could give me a summary?

        1. Well they talk about two things you seem to be really interested in one how the police are working with the heights apartment complex already to try to stop theses shootings which seem to have stop so far. Also they talk about how to prevent crime like home break in’s and car theft. Also how to report something that does not seem right in your neighborhood say a odd looking person looking in a car at night or something.

  12. They should have taken it down when it was still called Burien Gardens
    It would make a nice addition to the green belt.

  13. Best wishes to Jaron and his family as he recovers.
    As for those who slam on The Alturas / Heights, how many supported the necessary community building done by New Futures and others for many years at that location? Due to lack of financial support New Futures had to close the service center in one of our most challenged apartment complexes. Their work with youth helped many folks there grow into good citizens and avoid the poor choices that can lead to crimes of violence. Perhaps we should advocate for more community involvement to help us hold families together and raise more responsible citizens?
    We can complain or choose to make a difference.

  14. What really happened?? We still have not heard anything conclusive about how it came about. I have lived off 134th and Ambaum for 5 years and walk by there every day, also take the bus from there at all times of day/night and have never had a problem.

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