Around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday (Jan. 8), a stolen Toyota ran into a Hummer, closing 8th Ave South in Burien for a while. StolenToyotaCrash010814-2 StolenToyotaCrash010814-1 “A deputy tried to stop a stolen vehicle and the driver took off northbound on 8th Ave South in Burien,” Sgt. Cindi West of the King County Sheriff’s Office told The B-Town Blog. “As the pursuit continued the deputy backed off as the suspect started up the grade on 8th Ave SW.” West added:

A Hummer with two occupants was westbound on S. 140th Street. They stopped at the stop sign at 8th Ave S. and proceeded when they did not see anyone coming. The suspect continued northbound, directly into the path of the Hummer, which struck the vehicle. The suspect vehicle rolled and then hit a pole. The suspect suffered a large cut to his head and was transported to Harborview for treatment. The two people in the Hummer had minor injuries.
The driver of the stolen car was suspected of being under the influence of drugs. Photos courtesy King County Sheriff’s Office.]]>

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17 replies on “Stolen Toyota vs Hummer accident closes 8th Ave S. in Burien Wednesday”

  1. sounds like some moron should learn how to ride a bus instead of stealing car’s there lucky to be alive smashing into a hummer dam

  2. Iperez shouldn’t have to be charg8iionday for hitting the hummer it wasn’t julio’s fAndalt that the hummer driver never looked twice before crossing the road.
    Julio works as a construction worker for a contractor.
    Julio has a family of 3 to support he still supports them by putting a roof over there heads, and a place to live, also puts food on the table for them so they have something to eat everyday for every meal……JULIO PEREZ IS HIS FAMILY’S INCOME for EVERYDAY!!!
    If he gets charge and does time, julio’s family will loose there place and have no food to put on the table and as do of INCOME at all for the 3 please dont charge JULIO to pleasee

    1. Boo Hoo… People who are responsible for feeding a family of 3 shouldn’t be driving stolen cars under the influence. I hope they lock this guy up for a long time!

  3. People shouldn’t judge others for being bad …. no one really knows the truth that happend.
    How does anyone know if the hummer was old or couldn’t really see that far for 2 VEHICLES COMING DOWN THAT HILL ON 8TH AVE. How does the driver in the hummer not see those to vehicles coming towards him real fast.???
    I say the driver in the hummer couldn’t see far so ya he stopped and proceeded driving but that driver in the hummer had to of not see far. I say its the HUMMERS FAULT That he got in the stolen drivers way. Why would the stolen vehicle want to crash into another car while tryin to get away from the cop. Ya doesn’t make sense. THE H UMMERS FAULT FOR NOT LOOKING TWICE BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE ROAD .

    1. It’s hard to see anybody coming when they’re speeding. Plus, that hill has plenty of blind spots. With how fast they were going the stolen car would’ve been on top of them before they even noticed

    2. for that family post thing looks like its spam for something else that’s why its has a low rating 2 it does not matter if was hummer fault the stolen car was being chase by the cops so the driver of stolen car is at fault if they would have stop when the cop turn on his lights then they would not have crashed blah blah blah

      1. I think someone needs to learn about consequences. Every action has a consequence. You steal a car, run from the cops and wreck it, it does not matter how many people you have to feed or if you’re really a good guy, you go to jail.
        On the opposite side, if you are a hard working construction worker with a family of 3 to support, and you keep your nose clean, don’t steal cars and put food on the table, the consequence is that they eat, the rent gets paid, and 3 kids dont have the stress of a convicted felon as a father. Consequences work both ways.

    3. I feel sorry for the family that probably lost at least a days wages because that A-HOLE Julio stole their car. He’s a turd…Flush him!

  4. People that talk about other people in disrespectful ways also get wuts coming at them later on the long run….. I would be careful what you say about others if i were all you. Someone might just jinks you. Careful Karma loves to play with those who make front of the people who do wrong or bad!
    Karma’S a bitch…. so dont get yourself twisted in words!
    Yes the guy did wrong both ways but really who doesn’t see 2 cars coming thier way one vehicle with sirens lights flashing really big Aug cop with sirens on…. please they must of been old people didn’t look at least twice or 3 times around you. I do. Coz u never wut to expect right
    Someone getting hurt almost died isn’t funny nor to joke about that’s when karma comes out to play. Those who make front of those who could of died, karma will give those a taste of how it feels…… those on here, warn u dont want to have to say “told ya so”
    And im not trying to threaten or scare no one thats just how karma is… karma plays!
    Hope you dont see an Owl in the next 2weeks!
    Good luck and have a good day!

    1. This chick is funny…. She can’t be serious.If so, it’s a six pack, 2 joints, and a lifetime of movies too many.

  5. Wow thought u all had some kind feeling that the person could’ve died guess not…. do u believe in magic? Probably not but I do I believe in Black Magic it comes in handy for me especiAlly if im havin hard time with people who like to mAke front of other people…
    Dont worry it wont hurt you of any kind…. you’ll wuts coming at all of you on this page in the next hmm ….. 2weeks ill give it
    Well have a fantastic day and be careful it is ugly outside!

    1. ok so you want to use black magic to help someone that was driving a stolen car that got in a police pursuit crash and left someone with minor injuries and you want to help them buy casting spells on people on a blog lady go to the nearest mental center now. I am not trying to talk trash to you obviously you need some help I don’t know if knew this person or what but they where breaking the law ok here in the U.S.A we have laws you cant just take someones car just because you need put food on your table there these things its called a metro bus if you do not have a car you can get on one these and pay a little money and it will get you from point a to point b there is no need to steel a car get in a pursuit and injure people also if you want talk karma think of karma this guy is going to have for breaking the law for injuring and causing harm to someone intentionally there was no need for them to run and crash they could of pulled over put there hands up and gone to jail now there going have to pay for the cars and all medical bills on top of now his family is without loved one for his carelessness

  6. What’s said bad about others goes around to those who you care most about!
    Hey im just putting down the quote thats in my B.M book thats all!….
    WAnted to shAre!

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