Have you considered shopping at a chef supply store for some of your groceries? 

Their prices are comparable or better than Costco and they have no membership fee.  When I am doing a cost comparison for groceries I will often check US Chef Store. 

This week 18 eggs at Safeway is $6.99 vs. 18 eggs at US Chef Store $2.79. That is a significant difference of $4.20.

Franz 9 grain bread: Fred Meyer $5.99 vs. US Chef Store $3.49. That is a difference of $2.50.

Many of their items I buy in bulk and freeze or store until I need it. 

Assignment: This week start working on your typical grocery list and do some research on who has the best prices on the items you shop for. 

I don’t pick up all my groceries at any one store. I pick up certain items at the Chef Store, some items at Fred Meyer, etc.

I always check the loss leaders on the front page of their ad, or the fold out and check my rock bottom price list to see if it’s time to stock up on that item.  

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