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Just after 11:30 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 20, 2023, a Major Crimes Unit (MCU) detective – who police say is the second most senior officer in the entire department with over 30 years on the job – stopped at Saar’s on his lunch break for some chicken.

“For those curious, Saar’s has some of the best chicken around and we highly recommend that you stop in and support our Tukwila businesses and their employees,” police said in a statement.

As the detective was waiting for his order to be completed, he heard an employee nearby screaming for help and cries of “Call the police!”

Police said this cry for help was due to a 41-year-old male who had just pointed a gun in the employee’s face while attempting to steal a parfait.

Here’s more from Tukwila PD:

“Not one to idly standby and allow such a travesty, the detective who is in better shape than many 20 somethings quickly sprang into action. The suspect attempted to flee the scene on his getaway chariot which happened to be a Razor style scooter. The detective who was wearing a fine pair of cowboy boots didn’t let that stop him and gave chase. Upon catching the suspect, a prolonged struggle between the two ensued. Uniformed officers arrived to assist and the suspect was taken into custody.

“Upon inspection, the firearm was determined to be a realistic looking Airsoft pistol with no marking to identify it as being not a real firearm.

“The detective is the same detective that located and took the 14-year-old suspect into custody the other night in the stolen vehicle that rammed a police vehicle. As we’ve previously stated, these brazen crimes will not be allowed to become the new normal in our community. Our patrol officers, plainclothes detectives and uniformed detectives are actively out there making arrests, taking known individuals with warrants into custody and recovering firearms, stolen property and stolen vehicles.”

Photos courtesy Tukwila Police Department.

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