TukwilaShootingSuspect082715 Police are seeking Kevin M. Vaughn, a suspect in the Thursday morning shooting in Tukwila. He has the word “HATRED” tattooed above his forehead.[/caption] Two men on motorcycles shot at police as they were serving a search warrant at a house in Tukwila Thursday morning, Aug. 27, and police are seeking a suspect named Kevin M. Vaughn, 26, a known gang member who may be affiliated with the home where the warrant was being served. Nobody was hit by the gun shots, and the suspects escaped after the shooting in the 14900 block of 51st Ave South, located just off the southbound lanes of I-5. Police say the incident happened around 6:30 a.m., when deputies were about to serve a warrant on the home for evidence of car theft. Police say that two motorcyclists fired at least seven shots at them, then fled south on I-5. Vaughn is described as a 26-year old white male, about 6’1″ tall, with brown hair, blue eyes, and he has the word “HATRED” tattooed above his forehead. Police say he is a member of the Resurrection motorcycle gang. If you have seen Vaughn, please call 911 immediately. Police also released the following description of the two motorcyclists who opened fire at officers:

  • Motorcyclist #1 was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and a black IKON vest with a “spinal” type pattern on the back. The rider had a green helmet and was riding a green motorcycle.
  • Motorcyclist #2 was riding a silver Honda CBR and wearing a gray jacket with a black helmet.

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9 replies on “Police seeking suspect with 'HATRED' tattoo on face in Tukwila shooting”

  1. No surprises here, I drive by regularly on that street and that location has looked like hell for a long time with bike and car parts spread all over. That tattoo will be regrettable while on the lam trying to fit in and hideout.

  2. Tattoo Artist: Gee, I don’t know Mr. Vaughn….Maybe some flowers, or stars with a rainbow and a little unicorn on your cheek?

  3. I wonder what is the thought process before getting a facial tattoo or tramp stamp. I also wonder how much of a factor drugs or alcohol have in this thought process.

    1. I wonder too, Jimmy. Though I have been flip above, and will certainly be seen as endlessly liberal by even mentioning it, I do wonder about what kind of childhood this person had, as well as drug use and criminal record.
      I also wonder about the other suspect??? Just because we have no picture of that person with a flagrantly obnoxious tattoo, does not mean he should be allowed to wander off.

  4. That tattoo:
    He’s going to hate it when he gets older if he does achieve that time on earth. Otherwise not a bad looking person.

    1. Hey Wondering, “That tattoo” reminds me of a friend who was invited to a Halloween party while visiting friends on the east coast. He had no costume and decided to use make-up to make a jagged lightning bolt diagonally across his face with the upper side in white and below in black down to his neck. He had to ride by himself on subways and buses to get to the party and found he was truly scary to everyone! As one of his friends said when he got to the party, ‘I guess you aren’t planning to pick anyone up!’
      One would think the same would go for this tattoo, but times have changed and there are probably women now, who are attracted to this sort of thing?!? Personally I can’t wait for tats and rings to grow out of fashion and rather dread watching the current crop grow old with their wearers.

  5. Years ago I heard a tattoo defined as a permanent monument to temporary insanity. Sometimes it seems appropriate.

  6. Hey that man dident know me but went out of his way on a rsiny early morning / late night, to give me a safe ride home. He was totally respectful, and took me home. I asked all 1200 friends and friends of friends on facebook for the “emergency please help s.o.s ” message, and he’s the only one who did it so just remember theres two sides to every story and not just law enforcement but also the media twist things around,get things wrong, and use it as propoganda

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