From our sister site The Tukwila Blog:

The Tukwila Police Department will install 35 automated license plate reading (ALPR) cameras in the city to reduce crime and locate missing people, police announced this week.

Police say that while the cameras can read license plates, they “do not collect personally identifiable information, such as photos of drivers or occupants.”

ALPR cameras instead take photos of license plates and send an alert in real-time to law enforcement when a stolen car or wanted person is detected.

The cameras also signal if a vehicle associated with a missing person, AMBER alert, or Silver alert is detected.

“The ALPR cameras will assist Tukwila Police in solving crimes by providing the evidence needed for investigations, as 7 in 10 crimes are committed with a vehicle,” police said.

The system captures license plates and vehicle characteristics, and “will reduce property and violent cries and are not intended for minor traffic or parking violations,” police added.

Police said that seven in 10 crimes are committed with a vehicle, and these new APLR cameras will help provide evidence for investigations and decrease violent and property crimes.

Police did not release exact locations of where the cameras will be installed.

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