From our sister site The Normandy Park Blog: 10750200_667099416744694_8877889692196748592_o 10848999_667098366744799_8031526218873337830_o Thieves crashed their pick-up truck through the doors of the Normandy Park Market early Monday (Dec. 8) then stole the automatic teller machine and fled. A video surveillance camera showed a new black Dodge Ram pickup was driven through the doors of the Normandy Park Market, 19805 First Avenue South at approximately 2 a.m. Monday. The suspects removed the ATM machine from inside the store and fled the scene. Read the full story here.]]>

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5 replies on “Thieves crash truck into Normandy Park Market, steal ATM machine”

    1. I was thinking they “the thieves” needed some extra money to pay for some groceries given what it costs to shop at that overpriced store.

      1. C’mon, give em a break. It costs a lot of $ to keep produce that long without it turning into a new family pet.

  1. I would have to laugh if the atm was empty. I am also wondering if they put any type of gps in those machines .I doubt they do but it kinda seems like a good idea for these type of situations . I bet the dumdums that did this are going have a hell of time getting the thing open with out messing up any of cash thats in it . among having the feds on there trail

  2. Glad nobody was hurt and really glad to read in the full story that they’re staying open. I love this store…high quality products, ckean, attractive space, easy to move around in the uncluttered aisles and parking lot and exceptionally (mind bogglingly) nice, helpful, genuinely friendly staff (and even friendly customers). I’m a huge fan of this business and am hoping they make it through this situation.

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