The King County Prosecutor’s Office reported on Friday (Dec. 5) that bail is set at $750,000 for the 43-year-old man who was arrested Tuesday morning after he crashed his van into the Big 5 Sporting Goods store in Burien and allegedly attempted to steal firearms from the store. The court found probable cause to keep the suspect in jail. After ramming his vehicle into the front door then driving around inside, the suspect barricaded himself inside the closed store, causing a huge police turnout – including SWAT, K-9, Fire and other emergency personnel – to work for over four hours to get him out safely. Reports are that the suspect – who police say appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol – later tried to escape from Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. No injuries were reported in what became a very tense scene on SW 148th Street; here’s raw video showing his arrest: [youtube][/youtube] A second appearance is scheduled for later today at the King County Jail. Charges will also be filed then. Read our extensive previous coverage here.]]>

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4 replies on “Bail set at $750,000 for man who rammed his van into Big 5 in Burien Tuesday”

  1. I have been in this Big 5 sporting good store and I am not understanding, “He drove around inside the store.” Where the heck could him have driven there are displays everywhere and then there are steps down. You mean he just used his van to PLOW AROUND THE STORE until he plowed as far as he could get to the gun display. Was he that lazy that he could not walk the guns to the DOOR? That high, drunk or just plain stupid?
    Good job Burien Police and Sheriff and I know it was a tense time, but seriously you have to be laughing about this idiot. Of course if I was a cop, I would be in fear there were more like him out there. You probably do not get paid enough for this crap.

  2. The police have to face people like this day in and day out. And often they have to react in split seconds to violent humans like this one. This is what we ask of them. And now people want to further hamper them in doing their job to protect us from felons like this?
    Crazy times we live in.

  3. I don’t understand why this guy thought he might get away with this or why anyone thinks they would ever get a way with any crime like this. I guess it’s just plain really crazy. This man must have been really flying on some powerful drugs to do something this stupid!

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