On the agenda for Monday night’s (Nov. 7, 2022) Burien City Council meeting – transit-oriented development, budget, employee policies, emergency management plan, land use decisions and more.

The meeting starts at 7 p.m., and can be viewed in person at City Hall, on Comcast TV channel 21, virtually via Zoom, or online here.

Download the full agenda packet here (PDF file).

Here are agenda highlights:


    • a) Native American Heritage Month Proclamation: Councilmember Hugo Garcia


    • a) Transit Oriented Development Update: Chris Craig, Economic Development Manager, Colleen Brandt-Schluter, Human Services Manager


    • a) Approval of 2023 State Legislative Agenda: Lyset Cadena, State Lobbyist
    • b) 2023-2024 Preliminary Capital Improvement Program Eric Christensen, Finance Director: Kaitlyn Graham, Financial Analyst, Maiya Andrews, Public Works Director. Carolyn Hope, PaRCS Director
    • c) Introduction to Ordinance No. 801, Property Tax Levy: Eric Christensen, Finance Director, Kaitlyn Graham, Financial Analyst
    • d) Introduction to Ordinance No. 802, Surface Water Management Service Charges: Eric Christensen, Finance Director, Kaitlyn Graham, Financial Analyst
    • e) Introduction to Resolution No. 486, Amending Resolution No. 339 Regarding the Vacation Cashout Program: Cathy Schrock, Administrative Services Director
    • f) Introduction to Resolution No. 488, Repealing Executive Order 2020-1, Resolution No. 424, and Related Resolutions and Orders: Garmon Newsom II, City Attorney
    • g) Introduction to Resolution No. 487, Adopting the 2023 City Council Regular Meeting Schedule: Heather Dumlao, City Clerk, Garmon Newsom II, City Attorney
    • h) Approval of Resolution No. 483, Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP): Maiya Andrews, Public Works Director, Eric Torres, Project Manager
    • i) Introduction to Resolution No. 484, Type 3 Land Use Decision Regarding Petrini Prosthodontics, PLA 22-0052: Alex Hunt, Planner, Susan McLain, Community Development Director
    • j) Introduction to Ordinance No. 799, Childcare Transportation Impact Fee Exemption: Ashleigh Williams, Planner, Susan McLain, Community Development Director
    • k) City Council Planning Calendar and Council Work Plan: Adolfo Bailon, City Manager

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