The City of Burien is gearing up for winter weather, is seeking help for its Severe Weather Shelter, and is offering some tips.

“We’ll be calibrating our de-icing equipment this weekend, so you may see trucks out on the roads spraying deicer,” the city said. “Watch your local news outlet (our weather page is here) for weather updates and make sure you are #BurienReady!”

Even if a road has been treated with deicer, the city advises people to drive with caution. Start slowing down ahead of stop signs and lights much sooner than usual, and leave extra space between yourself and other vehicles.

Winter weather, including snow, ice, and extreme cold, can put you and your home at risk. Follow these tips to stay safe and warm this winter. For updates, follow them on social media.

    1. Generators and charcoal BBQs cannot be used inside any structure, including a garage. The exhaust can kill you!
    2. Stay off the roads as much as possible so our public works crews can get them plowed and sanded. When it snows, our plows will concentrate their efforts on primary snow removal routes first to accommodate fire, medical and police response, as well as Metro transit, school buses, and commuter traffic. As long as it continues to snow, these primary routes will be plowed.
    3. If you have to venture out, slow down and give yourself lots of extra distance around other vehicles.
    4. Your pets can’t handle the cold. Bring them inside and make sure their water is also inside so it doesn’t freeze.
    5. Exposed water pipes will freeze and break. Disconnect your garden hoses and insulate your faucets.
    6. If you or someone you know needs help with a warm place to stay, a hot meal, or an extra jacket, we have connections to resources in our community that can help. Burien Police Community Service Officer Michiko Wilson can be reached at (206) 477-2200.
    7. If the power goes out, find out how to check the status of power restoration.
    8. If you or a family member have emergency medical needs that will be severely impacted by a loss of power, please contact your power company and develop an emergency plan. Consider stocking up on all medicines and supplies prior to any severe weather event.
    9. Clear your sidewalks and storm drains. Help your neighbors by removing snow and ice from the sidewalks in front of your property. Snow can plug storm drains and cause localized flooding.
    10. Exercise caution in our parks. Snow and ice-laden trees can be dangerous and pathways may also be slippery.

The Burien Severe Weather Shelter may be opening soon, and they’re seeking Volunteers and donations to help unhoused neighbors and those with inadequate heat sources.


Links to more winter weather information:

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