As of Wednesday (Nov. 1) 118 “Love Letters to Immigrants” (with more on the way) have been written, intended to be sent/given to immigrants who live in Burien who may feel in danger due to a recent election-related mailing. “The campaign has been SUPER successful and we welcome more letters,” Organizer Kerri Gibbard Kline told The B-Town Blog. Those who wish to participate can write their own welcoming ‘Love Letters’ and drop them off to Lake Burien Presbyterian Church, which will keep the boxes out for another week. Here’s a guideline:

  1. Write a message that you would like to be sent to the targets of this hateful action.
  2. Write letters of opposition to Respect WA and send them yourselves. Their address is: PO Box 66634, Burien, WA 98166
  3. Write your own letter and drop it off at Lake Burien Presbyterian Church. The letters will be delivered by Burien Represent. Look for the letter collection box outside.
“We want to say thank you to all of the letter-writers and thank you to the immigrant families who bless our community with their presence,” Kline added. Lake Burien Presbyterian Church is located at 15003 14th Ave SW: ]]>

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