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A 15-year old Burien girl is under arrest – and has been booked into the Youth Services Center for Vehicular Assault – after a crash in SeaTac Monday night (May 23) that totaled one car and ripped the cab off a truck. Inside the totaled truck were a man and his 7-year old son – both are now in critical condition. Detectives believe speed and alcohol or drugs contributed to the accident. Police say that at around 9:13 p.m. Monday night, while responding to another call in the area, they came across a serious injury accident in the intersection of S. 136th Street and Des Moines Memorial Drive in SeaTac (map below). Deputies did not see the accident occur, but found two vehicles – one car and one truck – near the intersection with heavy damage. The force of the impact was so severe that it totaled a BMW and knocked the cab off a Ford Ranger pickup truck. All five of the occupants of the BMW were out of the vehicle, but the two people in the truck, a SeaTac man and his 7-year old son were trapped inside and unable to get out. Fire and Rescue was called to the scene to assist in removing the victims from the truck. They were eventually removed and transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle with serious injuries. As Deputies were assisting Fire and Rescue and blocking the road, three of the passengers from the BMW fled the scene on foot before they could be further interviewed. Two of those occupants were in their mid teens and the third was 5-years old. The three that fled had been identified and did not appear to be suffering from any major or obvious injuries. Detectives will be following up with them later in their investigation. The two occupants of the BMW that remained on scene, the 15-year old female driver, and a male in his 20’s, were suffering from minor injuries. The male, who Deputies believe was the front passenger of the BMW based on statements he and the female made to them, was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. The 15-year old female that detectives believe was driving when the accident occurred was taken to Harborview for evaluation of her injuries. The initial investigation and evidence at the scene indicate that speed was likely one of the factors that led to the accident. In addition, the 15-year old female showed signs of impairment by alcohol and or drugs. Detectives obtained a warrant for samples of her blood. Those results are pending. Once cleared by Doctors at Harborview, the 15-year old female was transported to the King County Youth Services Center in Seattle for investigation of Vehicular Assault. The father and son were in critical condition at Harborview as of Tuesday, May 24. ]]>

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13 replies on “UPDATE: 15-year old Burien girl arrested for crash that left 2 in critical condition”

  1. All of them in the BMW are guilty of stupidity, only one of them is innocent and that’s the five year old. Who put that child there is double stupid and failed to think. Thanks for ruining or possibly ending the lives of the other vehicles occupants with your quest to be riding with an obviously underage and impaired stupid dumba– !

  2. 15!!!. What is going on around here!!. Who will pay for all those medical bills and vehicles destroyed as well as investigators time??? So sorry for those injured victims…

    1. Given the odds of who were dealing with here in the BMW, that would be the State.

  3. There is a go fund me page for the driver lorenzo and his son Xavier who were critically hurt in this horrible accident please help if u can

  4. Not sure where to begin. I hope the boy and his father recover. Will we get an update on any of this story? Or will it just slip away like all the others? Who is held accountable for this?? One fifteen year old girl!!!??? Where are her parents? Who’s car? Who got them drunk? Why do they have a 5 YEAR OLD with them?? That child had no choice about being in that car! The ones who walked away, I hope, realize how very very lucky they were TO WALK AWAY from this!! They probably don’t though! I have friend who was riding his bike home through there that night, and had he not stopped to talk to some people he knew down the road, he very easily could have been hit by flying car parts! One of the officers said he had NEVER seen debris strewn as far as it was! She was drving fast enough to SPLIT A TRUCK IN HALF! I want accountability from some adults as well as the people in the car as well as this 15 year old girl who has now began her young life in the system.

    1. From the video on king 5 the grandma of the 15 year old thinks she had nothing to do with it and was not driving. Said something about the police have what’s coming to them or something like that. Odd lady almost seem intoxicated seem to get real up close to the camera kinda wobbling back and forth. But then who knows could be a health issue. The 15 year old was release to her on house arrest.

  5. Keep in one pulled that girls hair back and poured alcohol down her throat. Big enough to drive, Big enough to face the consequences. ..Hope grandma can write a big check……not.

  6. I think she needs to be charged as an adult and I have a daughter her age. She had absolutely no business being behind the wheel of a car! She ruined that father and sons life at least for now. Her parents or guardians should be held responsible for this but they probably won’t. The whole thing pisses me off she’s home on house arrest while the victims are still in the hospital her ass should be in jail!

  7. The teen driver should be under hospital arrest, in th Emergency room, watching the injuries pour in, learning about reality, and then to juvenile detention, minus her phone. The passengers who fled should be arrested. No one took the keys from this young hooligan? A BMW is a powerful weapon in the hands of a callous young amateur driver.

  8. The teen driver should be under hospital arrest, in the Emergency room, watching the injuries pour in, learning about reality, and then to juvenile detention, minus her phone. The passengers who fled should be arrested. No one took the keys from this young hooligan? A BMW is a powerful weapon in the hands of a callous young amateur driver.

  9. I am surprised we have not herd more about this man in his 20’s hanging out with some underaged people getting high and drunk. This person needs to be looked into who is he what his relation to the people in the car. Is he the boyfriend of girl driving. Also is he the one that supplied the alcohol and cannabis to these younger people.

  10. This is all so tragic and could have been avoided. I don’t believe the grandma that said the 15 year old was not driving. I haven’t see an update to this story. I am happy to see all the support from the Burien community, like Angelo’s and the Hobknobber and the Go Fund Me page.
    And I agree with you Jimmy, what is a 20 year old doing hanging out with these young people, and where did they get the booze or whatever else they were taking.

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