Emily’s Garage – which opened last July at 266 SW 153rd Street in Burien – was the victim of a burglary early Wednesday, Mar. 8, 2023 when two suspects driving a Silver Honda broke in and stole over $23,000 in tools, equipment and parts.

Starting at 2:06 a.m. that morning, two male suspects pulled up in a silver Honda minivan. The driver kicked the plexiglass window on a bay door and both men entered the building and worked quickly.

They spent just over six minutes inside the shop, where they stole several tools, equipment and parts.

One man went straight for the brand new batteries in the lobby and begin moving them to the shop and then outside to the vehicle.

The other man ran through the shop and started taking tools from the shop toolbox and from under tables where they kept other tools and equipment.

The driver kicked opened another bay window and started to take more tools out from the shop. He even managed to steal two floor jacks through the window.

From the looks of the surveillance video, it appears these two knew where to find the valuable tools and gear.

“The two men appeared to know a shop because they targeted all the expensive tools such as Snap-On, Matco, Milwaukee and Scan tools,” owner Emiliana Chávez told the B-Town Blog. “They also took eight brand new batteries from the rack in the lobby.”

The mechanic tool boxes were locked but they still stole things from on top of the locked tool box.

The shop box was not locked and that is where the majority of the tools were stolen from.

They departed the shop at approximately 2:12+ a.m. according to video footage.

Unfortunately, motion detectors did not trigger an alarm due to faulty motion detectors which have been repaired by ADT as of March 9. The day after the burglary, a technician identified that the batteries were low.

“I thought the videos would give you a good understanding of how quickly this duo stole tools from my shop,” Chávez added. “They removed the license plates from their vehicle so we could not identify them.”

However, surveillance video from three cameras was captured:

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Photos of Suspects

Below are photos of the two suspects – who appear to be wearing masks – taken from the surveillance cameras:

Recognize the suspects?

If you recognize either of these thieves or know anything about this incident, please contact Burien Police at (206) 296-3311, and reference case #C23007800.

This garage is part of a 3-location chain that provides full-service vehicle repair and maintenance services.

Emily’s Garage Burien
266 SW 153rd Street
Burien, WA 98166

(206) 906-9514


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  1. Maybe look into who worked there when it was still pep boys. Sounds like they knew the weakest point of entry.

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