On the early evening of Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2023, there was a large police/emergency response to the Burien Transit Center located on SW 148th Street.

Sgt. Eric White of the King County Sheriff’s Office told The B-Town Blog that a female reported that a male known to her stole her wallet, and when she tried to take it back, he pointed a gun at her.

The suspect – a 21-year-old male – was found and taken in custody.

However, while looking for the weapon, police found what appeared to be an explosive device in the suspect’s backpack.

At this point, the Transit Center was closed temporarily, a large police and emergency response happened, and buses were rerouted.

The Bomb Disposal Unit responded and safely handled the device without incident.

There were no injuries.

This incident is still under investigation, and this all the information police released.

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3 replies on “Wallet theft leads to discovery of possible explosive device, large emergency response at Burien Transit Center Tuesday”

  1. They will just let him go with a slap on the wrist and tell him to be a good boy from now on. He had a rough childhood you know.

  2. King County Courts continue to protect the criminal class. Rob your house or steal your car why not worth the time for the police to take fingerprints or open an active case. Own rental property no wories tennants don’t pay rent or sell drugs. King County Courts will not evict in the winter. King County really hates their residents to treat them this badly. Please tell me I have this wrong. Please !

    1. The problem is COVID if the DA offices puts someone in for a non violent crime that is also a tax wright off and a insurance wright off . Then that criminal catches COVID while locked up they turn and sue the state. Then that criminal gets millions and get let off . So to keep that from being a issue the DA offices puts more people on house arrest or gives them fines . Then what also tends to happen is republicans come on to blogs and Facebook groups and try change peoples ways of voting by acting like the republicans can do anything to fix the problem. That democrats are too light criminals that we to change Washington to a red state . They try to act like the criminals listen too who is in office and only do crimes because of who is in office .

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