The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a 36-year-old Burien woman shot her boyfriend in the stomach Thursday night (March 17), then ran to a neighbors house and asked them to call police.

The boyfriend was taken by King County Medics to Harborview with a gunshot wound to his stomach, and is expected to survive.

Just before 10 p.m. Thursday night, police were called to the 12800 block of Occidental Ave S. (map below) when a woman knocked on a neighbor’s door and said she had shot her boyfriend.

When police arrived, they contacted the woman who directed deputies to a nearby house where they found the male victim with a gunshot wound to his stomach. The man was transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle with serious injuries, but was expected to survive.

Officers are interviewing the 36-year-old woman to see what led up to the shooting. A booking decision will be made after the interview.

There is no further information on the male victim.

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15 replies on “Woman shoots boyfriend in stomach in Burien Thursday night”

    1. Gunshots happen everywhere it just more are making the news now of days. Especially since more people have been buying firearms since 9/11 and after all these mass shootings that have happened. Buying a firearm is a big responsibility that some people don’t really take the time to think about the possible outcomes of owning a fire arm. Not just owning a firearm but having the right training and care for a firearm. Also knowing your self if your a person that gets upset easily or has a drinking issue or mental health issue or take medication that could alter your judgment a firearm is not the best thing to own for you unfortunately. If you are worried about protecting your self I always suggest taking a self defense course with self defense your less likely to kill or permanently harm someone over a situation that could land you in jail or prison. When you pull a trigger of a firearm you have to make sure you are completely on the right side of the law and can prove it with out a doubt.

      1. Yes Jimmy, I do agree with you also on more gun ownership these days. But I also know that a lot of these bullets are hitting their targets more often in Burien and White Center, then in our neighboring communities. Do your math over the last 6 months…

  1. Ive grown up in white center … 128th has always been considered burien not white center. Its frustrating that All the time when a crime is being reported on or talked about its reffered to as happened in the white center, area even though it actually happened way outside the white center area

  2. I agree with Stephanie, 128th and Occidental is Burien.
    I grew up on 128th and 3rd Ave. So. went to Cedarhurst, PS Jr. Hi and Evergreen and it is Burien not White Center

  3. Always been Burien. I lived in Burien all my life but always find it comical how people want to distance themselves from white center. Who are we trying to impress? Burien and white center have character. If you don’t like it move to some plastic place like Bellevue or Kirkland. Uh but before you do, understand they have shootings too.

  4. Way off the topic are we❔❓ owwell.
    I wish that boulevard park was still unincorporated community. My taxes have gone up .

    1. You can thank our former city manger Mike Martin and his cadre of enablers on the council.
      Thank God he is gonzo and those self serving council members are gone too.

  5. My local 7/11 had a deadly force shooting,and it was perfect SELF PROTECTION. Excellent gun control by the innocent bystander.

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