Courtesy Kathy Reed comes these photos of a young buck spotted on 10th Ave SW just south of SW 152nd Street in Burien Tuesday morning: kathyreeddeer1 kathyreeddeer3 “This deer was walking on 10th SW just now,” Kathy said. “Looked a bit confused. There was a car coming from SW 152nd and he was in the road in front of her car. I just stopped right there across from NAVOS to make sure I didn’t hit him. I waited until he walked past me on my left before I started again to 152nd. There were a few other cars that came up also.” UPDATE 12:49 p.m. NOV. 15, 2016: This may be the same deer (nicknamed “Westley”) that was recently spotted in West Seattle: And before there, Beacon Hill: Perhaps we should rename him? “Burienley”? “B-Townley”? Other ideas…? ]]>