After much anticipation, Burien’s new Bakery Nouveau has an opening date – this Thursday, Sept. 28 at 8 a.m.! Co-owners chef William Leaman and CEO Heather Leaman announced on Tuesday that their newest cafe, located at 426 SW 153rd Street, will finally open its doors Thursday.   The new flagship shop is their largest, at nearly 7,500 square-feet, with seating for 22 inside and about 12 outside. Sage green wainscot, cream-colored walls, and quartz marble tabletops complement the shop’s dark maple floors, and windows bring in plenty of light. Outside, warm brick is complemented by teal accents and striped awnings. The bakery will be open daily serving pastries, cakes, and breads—as well as house-made gelato and savory options. The new shop also houses a much-expanded chocolate production, which guests can get a glimpse of through a window in the floor. They can also take a peek at bakers laminating dough and finishing up chocolate confections up on the main level, where there are plenty of peek-a-boo views of the action. A long row of pastry cases will house gelato, chocolates, macarons, desserts, breakfast pastries, sandwiches, and breads. Guests will have plenty of options for a sweet treat to go or a full savory meal to enjoy in the cafe. The same great menu offered at the other locations will be available at the Burien location, full of sandwiches, pizzas, and quiche. There’s plenty of parking for guests, both in the front of the space and to the east. There’s also a lovely Art Nouveau-inspired mural painted by David Heck and designed by Heather Leaman and Kiran Lovejoy on the east side of the building (photo above). “The Leamans are so thrilled to open their doors to the neighborhood and provide a great new gathering space and source of handmade treats for Burien,” they said in a statement. The bakery will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends. Chef-owner William Leaman and co-owner and CEO Heather Leaman opened Bakery Nouveau in 2006 with their first location in the West Seattle junction, and then expanded to Capitol Hill in 2013. William is an acclaimed pastry chef and baker whose creativity shines when he combines innovation with longstanding tradition. For more information, call 206.717.2100 or visit Bakery Nouveau is located at 426 SW 153rd Street in Burien: ]]>