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  1. Applauses for those council members who are considering keeping our original logo of many years. Now find a local source to do the tweaking Maureen mentioned on another thread, and do this ‘as needed.’ At least open these services up for a bid. Sew up loose ends with JayRay and be finished with them. Sorry, but they have not shown much savvy in our rebranding efforts. Let’s move on with as little expense as possible at this time. Keep our money ‘in house’!
    One word to our new city manager, if you have any choice, keep the city council involved in completing this project. As history has shown, they just love a fall guy.

    1. I have been saying from the beginning that rebranding Burien is not about a new logo. Keep the current logo, maynenupdate it a little, and spend the 150k on cleaning up the riff raff and run down business buildings in this city, starting with the intersection of 136th and Ambaum. Then clean up the riff raff around the Safeway on 148. That is one of the “first impression” areas of Burien.

  2. Has anyone considered having Maureen Hoffman work on the logo, or some local artist? The newly proposed one, could be used for Any Town, Puget Sound.

  3. So I was googling branding and here’s a great sample of another well-known “B” entity: Boise State University, using a B for the signature mark, or icon.
    Branding does involve much more than just good logo design, like the new magazine that went out. Not sure if rebranding is the right term, that would be if we changed the name back to Sunnydale or Von Boorien to something 🙂 “Truly, this is a sunny dale!” (From the Wikipedia site about Burien or the historical society webpage. Sources not verified, it’s just what I read at one point on other websites.)

  4. Speaking from considerable experience, a branding project has far more involved than just a logo. There are guidelines for graphic uses, tone & voice documentation, various graphic elements for other mediums, website design revisit, etc. Given that, I’ll echo the many other comments that this logo is not a logo, but an illustration. I would expect a professional company of this nature would know the difference. Let me know if I can be of service. (And this is coming from a proud Burien resident).

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