Burien Film Festival (BFF) 2016’s five­-minute short film contest will screen on April 1, in conjunction with the Burien UFO Festival! This year BFF will highlight Burien’s 17 neighborhoods. Movie creators wishing to enter the contest must include, in any way they see fit, the following in their films:

  • ­One Burien Neighborhood­ to be assigned when entering the contest
  • A story or message about, or a feature of, your assigned neighborhood
  • A love interest
  • Highlight at least one small business preferably in the neighborhood you are assigned. If your neighborhood is residential, then pick a nearby Burien business.
  • The artist­-created symbol for the neighborhood assigned.
Upon registration, each filmmaker will be assigned a neighborhood. If you have a neighborhood preference this is first come, first choice. Prizes:
  1. ­First Place:­ $1500
  2. Second Place:­ $1000 ­
  3. Third Place:­ $750
­The deadline for registering for 2016 Burien Film Festival is March 1, 2016. Each film should have a trailer complete by March 15 to show before films at the Tin Room Theater in the weeks leading up to BFF. ­BFF WILL ACCEPT APPLICANT’S HIGHEST­-RES ENTRY VIA YOUTUBE BY THE DEADLINE: MIDNIGHT MARCH 25, 2016. All inquiries and submissions should be directed to Shelli Park: crimsonpark@hotmail.com. More info at www.burienfilmfestival.com.]]>

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