A group of citizens is asking for Volunteers to help ‘Clean Up Burien’ on Saturday, March 18, from 9 – 11 a.m.

Volunteers are needed to help clean up the city, and are asked to meet at 9 a.m. at Town Square Park near City Hall, located at SW 152nd Street and 5th Place SW.

“I am hoping to make this a monthly, or at the very least, a bi-monthly event,” Organizer Christine Lopez told The B-Town Blog. “I was reading so many Facebook posts from people complaining about the problems in our town, everyone wanting “they” or “them” to fix things and really “we” can all pitch in and do something, even if it is as simple as picking up the trash.”

Christine adds:

Picking up trash is one small thing we can all do to help our community, all it costs is your time. We’ll be meeting at Town Square Park, this will also be our starting point. Garbage bags, rubber gloves and some trash pickers will be available (If you want a trash picker of your own, the dollar store has them). Please feel free to bring your own supplies as well.

Since we will be picking up trash you need to be aware there are dangers of sharp objects, i.e. glass, needles, etc. Containers will be provider for disposal of any sharp objects you may find. If you are bringing your children, please make sure you supervise them.

The event will happen rain or shine.

For more information, contact Christine at [email protected].

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4 replies on “Citizens asked to volunteer to help ‘Clean Up Burien’ on Saturday, March 18”

  1. I always enjoy driving through Burien during this event. It is nice to see families being enthusiastic about cleaning up our city. I am also hopeful that local businesses will use this as a jumping off point to keep the little bit of their own store front clean throughout the year.

    To the volunteers, thanks in advance!

  2. My sincere apology for not attending this most important event….But…why is this necessary if responsibility is properly placed…..like…who put it there!
    If civic involvement is a constant cleaning up for others something is badly amiss…but that seems to be the trend….”Clean up and pay for others”…..
    Must be nice not to be able to get off your a.. and contribute or at least help…
    I would attend but I need to only communicate from home…a Counsel issue

  3. Can we start with the students of Highline HS who toss their fast food packages etc. off the 509 overpass on the way back to class. I guess the message about saving the planet isn’t getting through from the massive amount you can see while driving by. And also have Rent a Center? stop throwing garbage over the fence behind the dumpster onto 509 property while your at it.

  4. GREAT JOB! Christine Lopez. you care about Burien! will you have coffee and cookies or doughnuts? it doesn’t have to be expensive Starbucks coffee. but we have to tell you Burien is pretty clean due to the great job of the city workers. you may find a few scraps of paper.

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