Don’t forget to vote in the King Conservation District’s (KCD) election, which is often overlooked because it’s not even on a regular ballot and can be done only online.

KCD is holding an election for Seat #3 on the Board of Supervisors, and voting continues through Feb. 14, 2023

The following individuals are running for Position #3 (alphabetical by last name):

King Conservation District includes all registered voters in King County (excluding the cities of Enumclaw, Federal Way, Milton, Pacific, and Skykomish that do not participate in the District).

Here are some facts from the KCD website about past voting results:

  • In 2022, 10,001 of the 1.33M registered voters voted in the KCD elections,
  • In 2021, 9,509 of the 1.34M registered voters voted, and
  • In 2020, 6,244 of the 1.27M registered voters voted.

Here’s a video explainer courtesy Todd Curtis that helps clarify the KCD’s election:

YouTube player

The King Conservation District (KCD) is a nonregulatory, special purpose district funded mostly through rates and charges with a mission to promote the sustainable use of natural resources through voluntary stewardship in King County since 1949; here’s more info from their website

“We provide education, technical assistance, and cost-sharing to private residents in forest management, farm conservation planning, wildfire preparedness, and streamside and shoreline enhancement. We also provide grants and work with cities and other organizations to support community gardens, urban forest canopy, and local food systems. 

“KCD provides direct assistance to private residents to manage their natural resources for the collective benefit. The cumulative effect of these efforts improves water quality, soil health, forest canopy, and local food systems that benefit all of us through healthier ecosystems, abundant wildlife, and access to healthy, local food. 

“KCD achieves natural resource improvements by providing outreach to connect with people ready to take action, education to train individuals to better steward their natural resources, technical assistance to provide access to natural resource technicians, and cost-share to overcome financial barriers. KCD also provides grants to cities and nonprofits. 

“KCD’s work is guided by science-based standards and Best Management Practices (BMPs) set by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Our operations are overseen by our board of supervisors and the Washington State Conservation Commission (WSCC). The KCD Advisory Committee also brings together regional stakeholders to provide input and guidance on our programming and efforts.

“KCD’s service area includes 34 cities and all of unincorporated King County with the exception of Cities of Enumclaw, Federal Way, Milton, Pacific and Skykomish that do not participate in the district.”

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