UPDATE 4:30pm WED. 9/2/09: King County certified the Aug. 18th election results today, and the final tally for Burien’s annexation bid for the North Highline Area has the following returns, from over 39%% of the 6,384 ballots sent out – 55.56% “For” and 44.44% “Against”:

“North Highline South Annexation Area Proposed Annexation to the City of Burien”

Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: 2521 / 6,384 39.49%

  • FOR ANNEXATION 1380 55.56%
  • AGAINST ANNEXATION 1104 44.44%

It was pretty obvious from even the earliest returns, but now that it’s official, the cityfolk can pop open the champagne (‘cept for a certain city manager), breathe a sigh of relief and get to work for their new residents!

And all new Burienites should contact their new city councilmembers here and let them know what they need!

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13 replies on “ELECTION UPDATE 9/2: Final Results Certified – “For Annexation”: 55.56%; “Against”: 44.44%”

  1. 58.84% FOR annexation to Burien. Take that elitists and racists against annexation — and a bag of chips, too. As Arnold says in Terminator: We’ll be back!

    Welcome to Burien friends and neighbors of North Highline.

  2. 862 for annexation. 5,000 registered voters didn’t even care enough to mail their ballots. The vast majority must think it doesn’t matter if they are governed by Seattle or Burien.

  3. Thank you North Highline voters and welcome to Burien!

    Jim, actually the turnout in North Highline is higher than the Countywide turnout. Also, not all the votes have been counted.

  4. Stephen, I saw your posts both on the White Center Now Blog and this blog, and I must say you’re not acting very humble in the least bit.

    I have always been an advocate of Burien annexing some or all of the NH area, as I believe the “Highline” area should remain intact.

    While I suspect your postings are probably meant to on the playful side, it comes across poorly and makes you look arrogant, and well–kind of a jerk.

    No one likes or cares for the “I told you so” or the “we win, you lose” attitude. So, show a little humility and tone it down a bit.

    I’m extremely happy for the new citizens of Burien, and I welcome them wholeheartedly.

  5. Welcome indeed!! I am so glad you chose to be part of our fair city. Next Monday, the 24th, we are having a special meeting at City Hall to welcome you and listen to comments. I do hope our newest residents as well as our current folks will attend… see you there.

    Kathy Keene

  6. I’m curious……who actually got to vote on this issue? I would think that if you live in Burien this proposal would have been included on the ballot…

    1. The people most impacted by the decision, the current citizens of Burien, were not given a choice. Your only way to vote on annexation is after the fact: you can vote on whether or not you want the people who did this to remain in office.

    2. Carol
      State law doesn’t allow the voters who reside in the city doing the annexing to vote on whether or not they want the city to annex. The way the law is written only the voters in the area to be annexed get to vote. If anyone doesn’t like this, they should contact their State Legislators and ask that the law be changed.

  7. Way to go voters! Good luck with your new Burien City address 🙂
    You voted yes to be part of an open transparent City government who cares about your neighborhood and your quality of life.

  8. Business owners in Burien signed against annexation of N. Highline. I will take my money to stores outside the city.

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