If you saw a lot of police activity near the intersection of SW 148th and 1st Ave South on New Year’s Eve, here’s what happened – police say that a forgery suspect ran from a bank, resisted arrest, and ended up being tased by a Burien Police officer.

The resulting crime scene caused a major police turnout, and the intersection was closed for a while Wednesday night (Dec. 31).

There are reports of a collision as well, but details are sketchy.

We don’t know the extent of the suspect’s injuries, and police have not released any further information at this time.

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5 replies on “Forgery suspect resists arrest, gets tased by Burien Police on New Year’s Eve”

  1. The taser is much better to use than shooting a bad guy. If the police in many of these shooting incidents could have been used, instead of shooting the suspect dead, people would be far less upset. About 5-6 years ago, my wife and I were going to a restaurant on Puyallup’s South Hill. It was just getting dark. Suddenly we saw a very large man running as if he were on fire, and a group of plain closed cops chasing him. Then we heard a noise, and I saw some thin wires flying through the air. Then this huge buy, went down as if someone had flipped his switch off, like a rag doll. He had been tased. Turns out the police had pulled a car over for some traffic violation, when this guy jumped out and rain for his life. He had a warrant out on him. It was no fun for him, but, he did live to tell about it. Better than being shot dead.

    1. The Taser is a great tool in certain circumstances, but it is not what an officer needs to rely on when his/her safety is concerned. Bulky clothing, broken wires and certain drugs can nullify the Tasers effect.
      The instance you cite was a great use of the Taser. Had the subject been approaching the officers in an aggressive manner, the dynamics change and a traditional weapon may have been required.

  2. All this for a guy who wrote bad checks and got tased? We drove by at 7:00 the road was shut down. My sister, on her way to work at 9:30 pm, said the road was shut down. There has to be more to this story.

    1. It included a 4-car pile-up as the guy fled. One of my friends was involved, on her way to catch a flight. It was a mess – a huge deal that started with the bad check.

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