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Photos courtesy King County Sheriff’s Office.

The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that 47-year old man will be spending New Year’s Eve in Harborview, after he was run over TWICE by a suspect attempting to steal his girlfriend’s car in Burien Thursday night (Dec. 31). The incident happened just after 5 p.m. in the 13700 block of 10th Ave SW (map below). Police say that the victim had just finished washing his girlfriend’s Nissan Sentra and walked to a neighbor’s house to visit. While at the neighbor’s house the victim saw a man jump into the Nissan and start to back out of his driveway. The victim ran to the car and opened the driver’s door as the suspect was backing out of the driveway. The victim fell and was run over by the car as the suspect continued to back out. “The suspect then pulled forward running over the victim again before jumping out of the car and running from the scene,” Sgt. Cindi West said. “The victim was trapped under the car as neighbors tried to help. The victim was finally pulled out from under the car after a jack was used to lift the car and deputies lifted up the vehicle enough for neighbors to pull him out.” The man was conscious but had difficulty breathing and may have suffered broken bones. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle in serious condition. The suspect is described as a white male in his 20’s, medium to thin build, with light hair and a light goatee or beard. He was last seen wearing all dark clothing and carried a black backpack. If you have information about this crime please call the King County Sheriff’s Office at 206-296-3311.]]>

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6 replies on “Man run over TWICE after suspect tries to steal girlfriend's car in Burien Thursday”

  1. The loser backpack posse strikes again. Here’s the clue people, when you live out of a backpack any opportunities presented seem better than the life you have chosen.
    P.S. Don’t wash your car in below freezing weather, you will never get in the next morning without a blowtorch or a long warm sunrise.

  2. This happens to be a dear friend I’ve known 40-plus years. He’s definitely not the kinda guy to watch the car drive off without doing everything he could to stop him. I hope this prevents people from being seriously hurt, or killed for that matter. A car is not worth risking your life over.Hinesights 20/20! but take that half a second u have to react and realize how much your life is valued by a countless number of people. I love him like a brother. He scared off a bully I had at White Center Heights elementary. He’d give you the shirt off his back and has 2 awesome kids who need him. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

    1. Happy to say he’s recovering and will be ok. He’s got a long road ahead tho. 11 broken bones. 8 of them ribs. Very grateful it wasn’t worse.

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