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My neighbor is in intensive care after being hit while crossing at the Ambaum Boulevard SW & SW 132nd Street pedestrian crosswalk. He’s had multiple surgeries and may not fully recover brain function and mobility.

This is the same crosswalk I use each morning. Last week I had a walk signal, which means there had been a yellow warning light and then a full SOLID red light for oncoming traffic to slow to a stop. Thankfully I looked to my left before stepping off the curb. A car barrelled through and DID NOT EVEN SLOW DOWN. If I had entered the crosswalk I would have been severely injured or killed. And this is not the first time that I’ve narrowly escaped being hit by reckless drivers ignoring this crosswalk.

This is unacceptable! There must be something that Burien Police can do to protect pedestrians and stop these dangerous & thoughtless drivers from injuring or killing any more of our neighbors. Crosswalks and speed limits must be enforced to ensure the safety of all of us.

I want to hear from Burien Police on how they plan to address this issue.

– Melessa Rogers

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