Ricky Arnsten, 43, the man accused of ramming his minivan into Big 5 Sporting Goods store in Burien on Dec. 2, pleaded “Not Guilty” on Thursday (Dec. 18) to charges of burglary, malicious mischief and unlawful possession of a firearm. After ramming his vehicle into the front door then driving around inside, Arnsten barricaded himself inside the closed store, causing a huge police turnout – including SWAT, K-9, Fire and other emergency personnel – to work for over four hours to get him out safely. Reports are that Arnsten – who police say appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol – later tried unsuccessfully to escape from Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. No injuries were reported in what became a very tense scene on SW 148th Street; here’s raw video showing his arrest: [youtube]http://youtu.be/xTAP-QzH_rQ[/youtube] Arnsten has a long criminal history, and is also a suspect in a home invasion in Auburn from the day prior to this incident. He will be back in court Dec. 30. Here’s an interesting post Arnsten had on a website called Inmate Classified, looking for pen pals from when he was incarcerated at McNeil Island:

Ricky Arntsen

The four pillars of human existence are “LIFE”, “RELATIONSHIPS” “ASPIRATION”, and “ACHIEVEMENT”. Standing upon these pillars, I present myself for your consideration, with hopes that as you read this a connection will be made that will take us down the path which leads to a meeting of minds, an understanding of spirit, and will allow us to share in some way the treasures of LIFE and the joys of LIVING. And as we plant the seeds of hope, potential and opportunity in the garden of RELATIONSHIPS let our communication and depth fertilize and nurture what we plant in the garden so that we may enjoy the growth and development of the flower of friendship or the tree of companionship. But even if our encounter doesn’t bloom to such beauty or height, let our experience, no matter how brief, add something positive to each other’s lives even if only for a little while … but even forever begins with a moment. As we ASPIRE to know each other better and dance with Destiny we must trust that all which is meant to be will shape itself into something magnificent as we ACHIEVE new heights and look down from the mountain-top at the landscape of tomorrows to come. Every journey starts with the first step. So let’s take it a day at a time, one step at a time and embrace whatever develops. Wishing for good things and waiting to hear from you.
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    1. Most likely it’s what his public defender or (asshat in a suite) told him to say almost 99% of the time they say not guilty. Yes it’s dumb as all hell but it’s happens all the time

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