13119948_745981522207842_217976016718505944_o 13147530_745981465541181_308136979711380433_o Wednesday morning (May 4), a reckless driver sped by a Washington State Trooper on SR 509, who clocked his speed on radar at 112 MPH. The driver exited at South 128th in Burien (map below) and lost control, striking a large rock in a resident’s yard. According to witnesses, he then jumped from his car and began to run away, before returning to retrieve something – his pet MONKEY! Burien officers found the suspect driver and his partner-in-crime nearby, and placed them both into custody for leaving the scene of an accident. “Once we determined the monkey was not the driver, we released him to a family member since he was only engaged in monkey business,” police said.


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8 replies on “Man crashes car, then flees from Burien Police with Monkey on his back. Really.”

    1. My thoughts exactly! Why wasn’t he charged with animal cruelty? He endangered the life of his pet!!!!!

    2. CARES was dispatched and on scene for over 2 hours until a family member could be located and the monkey could be released to their custody.

  1. Cares wouldn’t have done anything. They only handle cats and dogs. Personally I’d like an animal control that handles all animals.

  2. How do they know for sure who was actually driving.
    Skill behind the wheel isn’t a preponderance here.

  3. I think the issue with the monkey is a state or county issue since some species of monkeys are prohibited from owning in some areas.
    How many people have a pet monkey in burien compared to how many have cats and dog’s.

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