Andrew Ricci of Angelo’s of Burien wants to know who pulled the “g” off their wood-cut Angelo’s sign at around 4:44 a.m. on Sunday morning (Feb. 8) – recognize this punk? 1-3 4-3 2-2 3-2 “We found it in a nearby parking lot and are working on getting it repaired, but if anybody else in the area (SW 153rd and 6th SW) experienced vandalism more serious than this, we have some pictures and video of the offender from our security camera and would gladly share them,” Andrew said. If you recognize this vandal, please call Andrew at (206) 244-3555.]]>

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9 replies on “PHOTOS: Who's the punk who pulled the 'g' off the 'Angelo's of Burien' sign?”

  1. Well who ever he is hopefully he will end up sleeping with the fishes. Then gets arrested for performing lude act’s on sea life and theft.
    Sorry someone had to say it!

  2. What the hell is a kid that age doing running around at 4:30 in the morning anyways?
    What is he? 14, 15?

      1. Heh-heh Good one.
        Thats a pretty good shot of him, I`m surprised nobodys come forward
        and id`ed him

  3. I would like to announce my new business focused on Haircuts and Fake Beards, although it will be a niche business I think.

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