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VirginiaWright2Burien resident Virginia Wright has completed her first book – “Burien” – a compilation of photos and anecdotes about B-Town that will be released on Monday, Dec. 8.
Many locals know Virginia as the co-owner of Phoenix Tea in Olde Burien, as a Board Member of Discover Burien or from her many arts-related volunteer work around town.
And now, Virginia is an Author!
“Given the beauty of the landscape and its ideal location just south of Seattle, it’s easy to understand why Gottlieb Burian set down his 19th-century roots in the land that eventually became the city of Burien,” reads an announcement. “Incorporated in 1993, this gem of a small city sits perched on the edge of Puget Sound, just 15 minutes from SeaTac Airport. With a wealth of arts and cultural groups, an ethnically diverse community of shops and restaurants, a robust medical and wellness community, and city-sponsored public festivals and events throughout the year, Burien offers a wide range of experiences and opportunities for visitors and residents.”
“Virginia H. Wright has lived in the Three Tree Point neighborhood of Burien since 1996, enabling her to see Burien grow and change,” reads the Author bio. “As an arts and culture administrator and heritage professional, she works to support local arts and regional history. Her civic engagement includes serving as chair of the Burien Arts Commission, as well as holding a seat on the board of directors for Discover Burien. Through her volunteer activities, and also as a small-business owner in the Olde Burien neighborhood, she displays unwavering support of Buriens success as a city.”
The book’s Table of Contents includes:

  1. History and Links to the Past
  2. The Abundant Beauty of Nature and Parks
  3. A Thriving Community of Arts and Culture
  4. Festivals and Celebrations
  5. A Diverse Array of People and Commerce
  6. Development and a Vision for the Future

Our brief review:

Burien should be required reading for anyone living in its namesake city!
With more than 200 wonderful vintage photos and stories about our great city, with emphasis on arts, culture, diversity and much more, this book reads like an owner’s manual for residents!
You will learn things you’ve never heard before – including about several colorful residents – as well as appreciate information you may have forgotten.
A must read!

We caught up with Virginia recently to learn more about her new book and venture:

Q: Why did you write this book? What inspired it?
A: While I haven’t lived in Burien as long as some people, I have been and continue to be a passionate supporter of our city, and I wanted to be able to show some of the elements that define Burien as an interesting and vibrant community, with emphasis on fairly recent history. The book was a good way to pack a lot of individual pieces of information into one overall impression of Burien as a great place to be, as a resident or a visitor.
Q: Did you learn anything from writing it? (ie: new info about Burien or its residents)
A: Yes, I connected with other local people sharing their own information and memories, which was a great experience for me. It was also good to work with the publisher and an editor, which gave me the experience of working within a strict set of guidelines and timelines as an author.
Q: How long did it take to write?
A: That’s kind of hard to say. The work was spread out over about 9 months to a year, but a large portion of the work was done in a concentrated burst of productivity near the end.
Q: What’s your favorite part of the book? (ie: anecdote about Burien you didn’t know, etc.)
A: I’m not sure there is any one part I like best, but generally the thing I like most is the overall picture that it paints. Of course it wasn’t possible in a book this size to cover every possible piece of information, or go into great detail, but I’m hoping that some people in reading it will discover things that they did not already know about, and that it might spark curiosity in people to explore more of what Burien has to offer in terms of experiences.
Q: Where/how did you find content for the book?
A: Some of it was information I had collected and documented myself, but I worked with several other people and organizations locally who provided stories and photographs.
Q: Any other books planned?
A: I am currently in the layout stage of a children’s book I wrote, which is obviously a very different type of book from this one. It’s a collaboration with a local visual artist. I don’t have a publisher yet, so it has no timeline, but it is unlike any other book I’ve seen, and I am motivated to finish it and get it out there. I also contributed a written essay on tea and a photographic essay on artisan and antique tea wares for an annual print publication on tea culture that is coming out later this month.
Q: Any advice for other Writers?
A: Even if you’re busy with all kinds of other things, if you have something to say, take the time to write it. The process of organizing your thoughts and assembling them into coherent written form is a valuable exercise, whether you’re working on ideas that are fictional or working on a research based non-fiction piece.

Here are some images from the new book, courtesy Arcadia Publishing:
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Burien, $22.99, Arcadia Publishing. Available at local retailers, online bookstores, or through Arcadia Publishing at, or (888) 313-2665.

Look for more info on book signings with Virginia, and we encourage everyone to support the local economy by buying the book from retailers in Burien!]]>

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