From our friends at WABI Burien:
Long ago, at the north edge of Burien, there were people building some very distinctive homes with stones and pebbles. Come with us on the April Walk-n-Talk to marvel at these stone wonders.
In addition to walking and chatting with neighbors, one of the goals of the monthly Walk-n-Talk is to explore different neighborhoods in Burien. This month’s walk will take us into the Boulevard Park and Hilltop neighborhoods (starting at Boulevard Park Library and walking past Hilltop Elementary).

  • Date: Sunday, April 3, 2014 (Rain or shine, though the fore cast is for a lovely 65 degrees.)
  • Time: 2:00 meet-up. Walking starts at 2:15
  • Who: Walkers of every level and ability, plus friendly, four-legged friends
  • Place: Meet in front of the Boulevard Park Library, 12015 Roseberg Ave S, Burien, WA 98168
    If you’d like to carpool from Burien Town Square, please send an email to [email protected] to make arrangements.
  • Distance: About 1.3 miles, round trip. This is a shorter walk than usual, but there’s more of a slope to the land.
    Please print out a copy of the map (below) if you’d like one as we’re walking.
Roseberg Stone House1

Stone house at 11650 Roseberg Ave. S. Built in 1945

Roseberg Stone House2

Detail of Stone house at 11650 Roseberg Ave. S. Built in 1945. Note the “cut stone” blocks alternating with the “round pebble” blocks.

Roseberg Stone House3

Even the mailbox of the house on Roseberg Ave. S. is decorated to mimic the house.

116th St. Stone House

Multicolored, stone block house at 2434 S. 116th Way. Built in 1934. This one is quite different from the others, yet very interesting in its architectural traits.

Military Road Stone House1

Stone house at 2203 S. 118th St. Built in 1945.

Military Road Stone House2

Detail of Stone house at 2203 S. 118th St. Note the full abalone shells embedded into the concrete!

Military Road Stone House3

Detail of Stone house at 2203 S. 118th St. This house has some of the same characteristics as the house on Roseberg Ave. S., and was built in the same year, 1945. They’re just a block away from each other and must have been built by the same person(s).

Walking Route:

  • Meet in front of the Boulevard Park Library.
  • Cross S. 120th St. and walk north along Roseberg Ave. S.
  • See a beautiful, old brick house, a horse pasture and old farmland, and one of the 1945 Stone & Pebble Houses.
  • Continue along Roseberg, then go east along S. 116th St. a couple of blocks to see the 1934 Stone Block House.
  • Go back to and southbound along Military Road S. to the other 1945 Stone & Pebble House.
  • Turn south along 24th Ave. S., walk by Hilltop Elementary School.
  • Cut west onto S. 124th St.
  • Head north on 20th Ave. S. to end up back at the Library. (Click the map for a larger view.)

WNT Stone House Map Small
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