By Suzanne Greive

Hey Suz!”
When my mom calls me and leaves a message, Google Voice tries to interpret her voice and convert voice to text and deliver me the text message to my phone. My mother is every bit a lady and has very nice manners. She doesn’t curse or take the Lord’s name in vain ever. Can you even believe she is in her 80’s? She is just as beautiful on the inside as the outside. She started leaving me messages that were transcribed as:
“Jesus, we’re running late.”
“Jesus, we’re on our way but traffic is bad.”
“Jesus, we just passed the Tacoma Dome!”
It really didn’t sound like a message my mom would typically leave me. I sort of ignored it for a while but I finally had a chance to ask her about it. Ends up she is leaving me messages that say “Hey Suz,” which Google Voice is converting to Jesus (as in a Spanish pronunciation). I still giggle every time she leaves me a voicemail!]]>

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