UPDATE Sept. 14, 2022: Two vans stolen from Three Tree Montessori School over the last month have been found, officials at the school announced on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022.

As we previously reported (twice), over the last month, both the school’s green and blue vans were stolen from their campus on SW 160th Street in Burien.

The green van was found Aug. 19 in Federal Way, when police found it and impounded it.

“The damage is fairly extensive and we still do not know if it will be considered totaled or not. We should know soon, though,” Program Manager Emily Stifter told The B-Town Blog.

The blue van was stolen over the weekend of Aug. 27, and abandoned in Auburn on Aug. 28 at around 9 p.m. A neighbor captured the drop off on video thanks to security cameras on their property.

It was recovered Wednesday morning, Sept. 14.

“The van was sitting for so long a neighbor finally called us today and asked about the van being there not realizing it was stolen,” Stifter added. “We recovered it today and had it towed to be looked at. There is very little damage to the blue van so we feel good about its return to us with minor fixes.”

There are no leads on suspects, and the video of the person is so unclear they can’t be identified.

“Thank you to the friendly neighbors in Auburn for calling and letting us know the van was spotted,” officials said. “We have recovered the van and will be awaiting an estimate on what seems like minimal repairs.”

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